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FMP // Things are changing

I had a fantastic tutorial with a tutor at my university, Kim. It really turned my final major project in a better direction in the visuals of the book and the layout and how it will look. 361 more words


FMP 2: On Reflection

Overall, I am happy with how this project went; I completed what I set out to achieve and it was encouraging for myself to see how much I could accomplish in a month when I am dedicated. 154 more words

Final Major Project 2

FMP 2: My Submission

After animating, I had several shots that needed to be cut together which I did in Adobe Premiere, I also used the programme to export my finished animation in the correct format – according to the… 271 more words

Final Major Project 2

FMP 2: Set Up

After fabricating everything it was time to work out how to translate it on camera. I had my storyboard so I knew what shots I wanted to get and I took some time to frame the scene exactly how I wanted. 127 more words

Final Major Project 2

FMP 2: Puppet Production and Set Assembly

After coming to character designs that I was happy with I had to build them. There ended up being some inconsistencies between the designs and the finished puppet but I’m not surprised by this. 379 more words

Final Major Project 2

FMP 2: Storyboard and Animatic

I had the story idea set in my head but to help work out the “acting” choices of my characters and to help visualise the animation, I created a thumbnail storyboard. 165 more words

Final Major Project 2

FMP 2: Lip-Sync Tests

After looking at several examples of lip-sync I decided to put the two methods I liked the most to the test. To do this, I sculpted a couple of rough heads with my character in mind but not adhering to any particular design. 385 more words

Final Major Project 2