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Creative Decision Making: Final Overall Review

A great deal of my decision making is associated with my new learning post as most of the work that I have done is a new experience. 413 more words

Final Major Project

New Learning: Final Overall Review

During the course of the final major project, it has been another challenge level higher than before. I have grown from practicing basic characters and transitions at the beginning of the year, to working with animal movements for the client PROMISE to the end of the year with animating human characters with lip sync. 430 more words

Final Major Project

Forefront of my current work

So where is my work in relation to the forefront of animation? I would categorize my project Love Returned as a 2D based animation, placed in a 3D world. 459 more words

Final Major Project

August Checked List

Mon 070817 update:

  • Drawing building asset 01,02
  • Compositing shots 35-48

Tues 080817 update:

  • Drawing building asset 03
  • Composited (rendered complete) 35,36,37,38

Wed 090817 update:

  • FINISHED animation at acceptable and submit-able standard…
  • 54 more words
Final Major Project


I began to experience with what materials would be most effective in creating shadows, colour and and light illusion around my lamp base. I want to allow the users to create their own personalised sensory environment by experimenting with lighting effects. 201 more words

Final Major Project

Design Ideas

A number of sketches to illustrate possible lamp designs.

Final Major Project