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Uniform: Hunting

Hunt dress:

  1. Coat.
  2. Buttons.
  3. Rat-catcher.
  4. Hats.
  5. Boots.
  • I wanted to explore this idea to investigate the idea of identity and social community within the hunting communities…
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Final Major Project

Fear: Hunting


First Stages:

  • Within this session I was exploring the ideas and connotations of fear in response to an idea highlighted through Imotion.
  • Mark making is an effective and expressive way to visualise ideas.
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Final Major Project

21Mar2017 Contextual Study

Today I have talked my final theme with my contextual study teacher. We thought about the theme from another point of view.

I thought I should show the contrast between black and white. 157 more words

Art Blog

Dream Deprivation Mark Making

  • Ruth stated when she was awoken from a dream she felt like she was falling head first
  • Attempt to translate this feeling into mark making…
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Final Major Project