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How it Works

Here the user can expect to see detailed information about what happens when creating with us, they will also have options to see camber differences, sizing charts and other things. 16 more words

Year 3



Here the user can upload a selected design and crop the image to fit the board live, there on the page. They will be able to upload a design for both the base and topside of the board. 40 more words

Year 3

Booking Build Days!

Build days
on this page the user will be able to find out about build days, whats involved in going on a build day and how much they can expect to pay. 56 more words

Year 3

Board Building!

Creating a Board

Here the user will have options simillar to that of penny skateboards, in a previous post, where they can choose the colour, size, camber etc… of the board. 26 more words

Year 3

Gender/Boards/Board View

Gender Page

This page the user simply chooses their gender, this then defines what boards appear on the boards page

Boards Page

Depending on the previous choices, female or male orientated boards will be displayed, with variation on the styling to show differentiation. 33 more words

Year 3

Options area

Essentially, once the user has selected the sport they want a board for, this page appears, tis is almost the central hub for getting to certain areas. 58 more words

Year 3