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Level Design Within Games: BioShock

In a new series of bog posts called “Level Design Within Games”, I will be looking at and analysing different processes a range of games have used in constructing their level design. 1,086 more words

Final Major Project

Matthew Holt - Transformation of the Aesthetic: Art as Participatory Design

Matthew Holt’s Transformation of the Aesthetic: Art as Participation design raised a vail point in which the collaborator in this circumstance is the audience has to be involved throughout the whole design process which is what I am currently focusing on by looking at trends within my target markets interest and how that will affect the outcome so yes I do agree with Holt that this is important. 441 more words

Final Major Project

Mushroom research

Videos to look at:

Mainly 1:29 till 1:45 for growing/ waking up and 1:59 till 2:09

Useful from 0:30 till about 1:00

Design ideas:

From these images and the videos of actual mushrooms growing I think I have an idea of what I want the general shape of the mushrooms to be. 61 more words

Year 3


While I am developing this idea for my FMP there were a few other animations/ films that inspired me in the design, ideas and appeal. These pieces each had different things that I want to keep in mind while developing my short animation further.

Year 3

Immersive Elements In Relation To My FMP


–          You can achieve goals in multiple ways, picking your own routes, tactics and gameplay style.

Agency will play a huge part in my FMP. 1,239 more words

Final Major Project