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Final Major Project: Art Deco Inspired Luxury Show Apartment

It’s been a year since I started my final major project. So I thought it’s about time I shared it with you!

This was by far my favourite University project as I was allowed to create the brief myself, meaning, I could completely lead the project! 1,047 more words


Final Major Project - 2018 Update 2

Today I had to find a way to get the rigs that I made onto a folder in harmony. I already managed to get two rigs into the folder, thanks to my teacher Lawrence helping me. 131 more words

Year 3

Environment artists research

Today I decided to research some more artists, not only for inspiration but to gain a better understanding of the workflows of other artists. I came across a senior environment artist called… 1,453 more words

Final Major Project

CJ By Me - Final Major Project

Following the lighting moodboard created based on Jeff Hahn lighting, I did a test shoot to figure out lighting in the studio and test some film. 31 more words


Final Major Project - 2018 update

Today, I finally got started on doing my animation. I managed to get two scenes finished, and am about to work on the third.

The image below is of the third scene. 103 more words


FMP Development #4 – Reducing The Level Size

Something that has become apparent to me is the size of the level. I believe I may have gone too far with how much space the player can move around in, and have realised that a smaller level can be beneficial in a number of ways. 1,051 more words

Final Major Project