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"Joanne" Simon Fujiwara

During a trip to London photographic gallery “the photographers gallery” it focused on Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s displaying over 200 major works.

There were different works that caught my attention many works were showing of anger providing a reminder of the wider impact of a generation of artists. 234 more words

Final Major Project

Final Major Project// Talk

Earlier in the week we had a quick chat with Susanna Edwards regarding our Final Major Projects . The talk was more like an informal chat… 98 more words


Wet Plate Collodion

This week was the first week I presented my FMP idea to the group and received some quick feedback from the group. One of the thing mentioned that I picked up on the most was someone said that Chan and Alan are ‘Still stuck in the past’ where in many ways yes, this is true, I also feel that they are not stuck in the past, there lifestyle isn’t in the past but when they do there hobbies and shows I can see why people would think that, which got me thinking about why the put a different act on when at shows? 427 more words

Final Major Project


CT6MAJAN (Final Major Project)


Research into the issue

Before starting any work I first need to do some research into the issue and what the charity does to support those in need. 779 more words


Final Major Project.

After discussions with my tutor and brainstorming, I have decided on the topic for my final major project.

I have chosen Street Art as my focus for this project. 267 more words


Exhbition no.1!

Today was exhbition day no.1. The event was a great atmosphere and turn out. It was nice to chat to other people on our course but also the lectuers that we don’t see that often. 70 more words

Final Major Project

Trip to France

So I was lucky enough to be able to join Chan and Alan on holiday to France for a week. I thought this was a really great idea to get to knkw and understand them for a full week straight living together and also going on days out. 256 more words

Final Major Project