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Things I will be taking out of the finished video

I have already talked about my concern with using the pink hoodie and how I feel that I won’t be able to get it in there, without making seem forced. 210 more words

Year 1 Level 3


Creating a taxonomy of my work allowed me to identify my most successful outcomes; the GIF below is my favourite for several reasons:

  • The oak leaves reference the English side of my heritage, without being as literal or ‘loud’ as the Union Jack or British passport…
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Final Evaluation

Beginning Foundation year I lacked conceptual understanding, which is something that has improved immensely over the course. Last year, A-Level art surrounding mimicking other artist’s techniques and adhering them to personal ideas that related to the project. 1,620 more words

Final Major Project

24/05/17 - Credits, typo messaging and the casting list

Today was mainly going back and finishing bits and pieces off that weren’t yet complete. This was mainly the reflection from yesterday that I didn’t have time to finish properly. 313 more words

Year 1 Level 3


Below are a few pointers to help with writing your final evaluation this week:

1st Paragraph

Reflect on the Foundation year, how far do you think you have come? 236 more words

Final Major Project

CSM Degree Show

Georga Rumph and Charlie Rumph claim to be brother and sister because I met Charlie Rumph and that’s what he said but now I’ve got sceptical. 828 more words

Contextual Research

Client Profile


Livity is a youth led creative network aimed at 18-25 year olds.

They encourage talent in a range of media by offering  placements for youths to gain… 9 more words

Final Major Project