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Body in Lisa Jones’ Combination Skin: Canvas or Paintbrush?

Body is crucial in Lisa Jones’ Combination Skin (2005). As this play is titled, skin—in this case, a part of body—is brought up front. Aside from the satire and mockery of race and consumerism this play is famous with, I find that the issue with body itself is something that is necessary to discuss. 996 more words


Final Paper-Black Lives Matter

In recent years there has been a big spotlight on police brutality in this country specifically on an ethnic demographic, African Americans. Although this is nothing new, as through history you may see various patters, it hasn’t been until now that it has gained mass media coverage and public out roar from all corners of the country. 932 more words


Understanding Life in Japan

After spending a month abroad, it is clear to see that you need to experience a culture first-hand in order to truly understand it.  My time in Japan has made me see that simply studying the language at St. 1,147 more words

Final Paper

The Header for Your Paper


If your instructor does NOT want a title page, your name and info should be listed at the top left of your first page, 80 more words


Human Reliance on Bees

Humans have been using bees as a resource for ages. Bees are mainly used for honey collection and pollination purposes. Through bees, human society has gained not only honey, which is a valuable source of calories, but also they have gained the ability to grow various fruits and vegetables for human consumption. 1,778 more words

Final Paper: Healthcare as an Archive of Feelings

Matt Kasson

Final Paper

Medicine in the modern era has been defined by incredible discoveries and miraculous cures. Vaccinations, antibiotics, as well as new diagnostic technologies now allow physicians and other medical professionals to eradicate disease more easily than any other time in human history. 1,727 more words