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Prison Break

Case Study: All Nations – Class of Royal Icons

Case Study Question

The above picture was taken right after the last paper of the 8th semester class. 551 more words



Here I will upload the full paper so as to simplify the process and end the insanity of skipping through tabs on the sidebar to find pieces of it.

Final Paper

Immigration in the United States

I’m tired of this blog going unused, so I’m posting my research paper from last semester on immigration in the United States. Feel free to provide feedback.  1,491 more words


The Profile of a Strategic Leader

There are three requirements a leader needs to make him effectively strategic.

The dominating theory on strategic leadership posits that, to achieve success, a leader should think like an economist and understand the five competitive forces that shape the market and affect his firm’s bottomline. 1,511 more words

Final Paper

Final Paper

Hunter Belfield

Dr. Akassi

English 102, Section 08

April 02, 2016

Does Money Truly rule the World?

A review of M.K Asante’s memoir, Buck with a Marxist theoretical lens… 2,743 more words

Final Paper