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Instrumentalism: a pragmatic philosophical approach that regards an activity (such as science, law, or education) chiefly as an instrument or tool for some practical purpose, rather than in more absolute or ideal terms, in particular. 345 more words


Soon, I hope

I know I barely post anything for months because of my business and stuffs. But I’m not going to post a lengthy post today too. There are some announcements from me for the future of this blog. 255 more words


Final Paper and Ignite Presentation

Please click the following link for a final on summer slide: H.OHara_LSC530_FinalPaper

and follow the link below for an Ignite-inspired presentation.

Summer Slide Ignite Presentation 

Thank you to all!

Final Paper

Suicide In Our Popular Culture

Living in a society where every one of our actions is judged, is like having a weight put on our souls and our lives. We are lead to high levels of depression, we are wanting to take the form of the skinny, photo shopped pictures of girls on Tumblr and Instagram. 1,243 more words

Final Paper

Annotated Bibliography

Deng, Chao. “China’s Cutthroat School System Leads to Teen Suicides.” WSJ. Dow Jones & Company, Inc., 15 May 2014. Web. 20 May 2016. This article gives an insight on the schooling system and mores statistics of the deaths of children in China under the tough systems. 625 more words

Final Paper

Final paper

Sexism in Metal Gear Solid

The Metal Gear Solid franchise holds a special part in my heart. According to Steam, I have put 115 hours into Metal Gear Solid 5, this is only one game however. 1,736 more words

Final Paper

Final Paper: How the Portrayal of Mental Illness in The Longest Journey/Dreamfall Trilofy is Taking Strides to Appropriate Representation

How The Portrayal of Mental Illness in the The Longest Journey/Dreamfall Trilogy is Taking Strides to Appropriate Representation

“‘Find April Ryan,’ she says. ‘Save her.’ Over and over again.” … 2,348 more words

Final Paper