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Should I put my Rebuttal (Rb) before my conclusion or is there a better place?

Answer: You can place your Rb wherever you wish. If you think your naysayer would strongly object to one of your reasons, you can place the Rb after it and prior to the next reason. 55 more words


The Zine creation process has been extremely entertaining and excellent in my opinion. For once I am able to use my imagination and creativity to create something that I am passionate about. 1,562 more words

Final Paper

Coloring in the Line

When I signed up for “LGBT Representation” I was expecting to focus on different mediums in the class and how we as students can work to make it better. 1,632 more words

Final Paper

Zine Final

Zine culture is something that I had only heard about and seen from a distance before this semester. From browsing the shelves at the Wooden Shoe, and a few of my friends starting a queer trans zine, I’d looked at zines but never taken the time to really analyze or try to get into them. 1,613 more words

Final Paper

Clink, Clink Zine (pt. 2 finals edition)

My final zine is more or less an updated adaptation of my midterm zine. I responded to the critiques given on the midterm (most notably, the fact that I was unaware we had to do the 12 specific topics, because I just thought we had to choose random topics we thought would be cool to cover). 1,837 more words

Final Paper

We are Here. We are Queer. A Zine

My approach to this zine was quite different from my midterm zine. Where my midterm zine was very homemade and I used stickers and hand wrote the whole thing, this zine had a clean feel, other than the art that I sketched for it. 1,666 more words

Final Paper

Riley: Gay, Black, Different

Learning from my first zine, I decided to make the last one more personal. One thing I regret from class is that I didn’t speak up for the gay, black men more. 1,850 more words

Final Paper