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The Profile of a Strategic Leader

There are three requirements a leader needs to make him effectively strategic.

The dominating theory on strategic leadership posits that, to achieve success, a leader should think like an economist and understand the five competitive forces that shape the market and affect his firm’s bottomline. 1,511 more words

Final Paper

Final Paper

Hunter Belfield

Dr. Akassi

English 102, Section 08

April 02, 2016

Does Money Truly rule the World?

A review of M.K Asante’s memoir, Buck with a Marxist theoretical lens… 2,743 more words

Final Paper

Final Paper Part Three: Abstract

Halfway Things: Gothicism and the African Diaspora in The Icarus Girl and Sozaboy


This conference paper aims to bond the Abiku, Yoruba ghost children, to the modern African diasporic experience by positioning said figure as a metaphorical expression of postcolonial cultural hybridity. 283 more words

Finals, Graduation & Getting Ready for the REAL World

It’s that time of the term for me again…yup you guessed it! It’s FINALS and all work is due tonight by midnight. Now that I’m well rested (slept in until like a little after 2) I am cranking out the last-minute papers and pieces to hand in my final submissions. 206 more words


Annotated Bibliography

My conference paper is an investigation into the diasporic state conducted through an examination of the Abiku figure and other examples of ghostliness as indicators and expressions of abjection and fractured identity in Helen Oyeyemi’s… 1,082 more words

Final Paper Ideas: Postcolonial Gothic in the African Novel

Searching through journals for articles that “sound fun” quickly led me to postcolonial gothic readings of African literature. I ended up creating a short list of ways the gothic can be read into postcolonial or African literature based on the investigation I’ve done so far. 453 more words

Mabank, TX and a Final Paper

I am in Texas. Not just anywhere in Texas but Mabank, TX. And tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to a place I haven’t seen in nearly eight years: Houston. 359 more words