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Final Project

Senior Studio Storyboard Prototype

This was a short storyboard that I did for my Logline, “A withered old flame struggles to to get to a cabin through harsh winter.” 37 more words

Non Time-Based

Level Design Progress

Blue arrow: Beginning. | Red arrow: Goal.

This was tough. Planning a 3D space on a piece of paper is really complicated. Specially when you have no art skills. 93 more words


Literature Review


The project is a motion based comic book that incorporates various social networking sites into the storyline. The idea behind this is to create a digital media story with a more immersive and “real” experience than traditional mediums. 2,010 more words


Unforeseen troubles

One thing that was troubling me about working with VR in UE4 since I have begun was that I needed to put the Rift on the floor before I begun testing otherwise the camera in the game would be in the on the floor of the virtual world. 844 more words

Final Project

Fixed Shadow Gaps

I had this problem in Unity whenever I imported a model from Maya. The light would pass through the edges of the object:

The solution was tweaking the Bias and Normal Bias in my Directional Light Settings. 15 more words


Software Design vs Unreal Engine paradigm

The class diagram below was created without having prior knowledge of the common practices or experience with Unreal Engine. This diagram is the original design proposition for the VR Hands Unreal asset but after spending time exploring possible implementation methods for the motion controllers and VR, I now know that this diagram does not 100% translate into UE4. 391 more words

Final Project