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CT6APME - Greenlight pitch : 3rd idea

Third idea:

The idea is a fantasy base film, the story will need more development.

Title: Flight

Focus : 2D animation, 2D fx animation, concept art. 125 more words


CT6APME - Greenlight pitch : 2nd idea

Second idea:

For the 2nd idea, the story is base on a personal story. The story structure and visuals need more development in order to convey the feeling that I want my audience to feel. 125 more words


Everything is Not What It Seems in South Korea / Emma G

You don’t often look at something and expect everything about it to be different than you thought. In our everyday routines, what we see is what we get, and we don’t usually question our normal surroundings. 1,452 more words

Final Project

Understanding Korean Culture Through Municipal Transportation / Seline

Public transportation is arguably one of the most defining aspects of a city. For people in Seoul, it is one of the main methods of getting around, carrying over 80% of the metropolitan population. 748 more words

Final Project