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Final Film Screening Choices (11.30.17)

On Thursday night, Nov. 30 we will view one of the following films (we may add to the list of options). I need each of you to list your top choices 1-3, and either post those on our site or email those to me.  49 more words

Heavy Character Model

To start off the design for this character I had to create concept art that would give us an idea of what the character would look like.

Final Project

Character - Hair Variations

I chose to explore some different hairstyle ideas for my character.

She is described as having her hair in a messy ponytail so I tried to keep this in mind when trying out different ideas.

Final Project

Week 12 - Rendering Techniques

This week we were exploring using overlay layers as a base for rendering.

We worked with existing line art from other artists to render on top of.

1. Face

2. Tank

Final Project

Shoot 1 - and reshoot notes.

Fig 1.

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Fig 8

Fig 9.

NOTES for reshoot

Fig 1. Child to look at mother. 135 more words



  • A young child’s bedroom.
  • Traditional, rather than period.
  • The setting should compliment the story – but not be the star.
  • The focus is the bed – fairly narrow angle.
  • 240 more words