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Project Feedback and Viewings: August 27th, 1oclock ICE

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch giving Ken and I updates on the progress with projects.

If you are having problems uploading to your wordpress blogs, don’t worry, keep a record of what you are doing, how the shooting is going, how the edit is progressing etc. 80 more words

Looking At Work

[DDM] Finally Arrive

After many hours of flight and train, finally I arrive here in Edinburgh. I’m too tired to do anything. I’ll pass for today, I hope I can continue my work tomorrow.


[DDM] Pitch Shifter

After learning how to use pitch shifter from  Pure Data example, I managed to create my own pitch shifter abstraction. I used the example and modify it so I can use it in abstraction (with local variable of course ^_^). 31 more words


The final film

Starring Nhan Dang, Tung Nguyen, Roger Knott-Fayle, Thanh Duong and Yen Dao.

Special thanks to Roger Knott-Fayle.


Questionnaire results and analysis

Aiming for between 15-20 responses, I gathered 20, which is a good number for testing with a variety of respondents (majority aged between 21-25, some respondents are 30 and over 50). 772 more words