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Samurai Machina Beta

Just finished our Beta milestone! We managed to get in a lot of necessary final content to get a better look and feel for the direction of our game. 414 more words

"Whats yours is mine" Cultural appropriation through the music and fashion industry

What makes the United States such a great place to live is its rich diverse atmosphere. People from hundreds of different ethnic background and cultures come together and make up this beautiful nation. 1,630 more words


Brains vs. Beauty

Brains vs. Beauty

Girls all throughout the country have always heard of the topic of “Brains vs. Beauty”. This topic meaning that women and girls have to pick between being smart or being beautiful. 1,242 more words

Set Design / Dressing (Pre-Production)

The set design is important in my film as it tells us more about the character and the time period he’s from and lives in. The main problem I have with set design is budget. 254 more words

Final Project

Interactive Design Final Project: NetKings' Informer Website Design Draft

This is the design draft for me website project. Most likely, i’m gonna make changes to it as time goes by.

Non Time-Based

Typography Journal & Bookbinding

For my final delivery, I had to submit a Typography Journal.

For over two months, we have been collecting typography that we find interesting or beautiful. 603 more words

Introduction To Studio Practice: Advertising Design