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Talking Chalk/ OlagGC #FinalProject©

So here is the first post about our progress in the project. We have eight weeks left. We had two ideas: the first one consisted on assembling a robotic arm and program it; the second one, in making an app (for cellphone or computer) very similar to Duo-lingo, but instead of learning  new idiom, it will teach you C++. 25 more words


Reflections on Process, Tools, and Super Powers

Blog exercise (30 minutes): Reflecting on our final project goals, our roles in those projects, and the implications of the tools we’re using.

In class yesterday, I wanted to spend some time analyzing our group project processes, but group work had so much momentum that we canned that idea and kept collaborating with our groups. 235 more words


Filling the Scene

Today’s efforts have been all about filling the scene with smaller objects to build a sense of detail and realism.

A large part of what will make this experience feel real will be having objects that the player can associate with real world activities. 27 more words

Final Project

I have been struggling to find the idea which would blow me and my teachers away. I always liked to do something different from the others and this is the project that I can explore on and do whatever I want. 222 more words

Group Project Stage 2

  1. The scope of our project in area will include Omaha and the immediate surrounding area. The area of our focus will expand with Omaha. For the scope of time, the project will focus on industry expansion after the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1860s.
  2. 510 more words
Final Project

Plotting out the Story

This last week has been spent making a really clear storyboard of the first level of the game, as I have quite a bit of story in this early scene it is vital it is delivered in a coherent and quite linear way. 54 more words

Diversity Team- Stage 2

The Scope of the Project

Our team has decided to focus on the question “How has diversity shaped the city of Omaha?” We will be looking at the diversity of Omaha, both through the past up until the present. 400 more words

Final Project