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The Last Stretch...

After spending the last couple of months working on my Professional Practice module, I’m now concentrating on the very last module of my MA. It’s both a way of rounding up the creative journey that I’ve been on and the work that I’ve been doing, but also a continuation and something that I can move forward from in a positive and hopefully career-building way. 204 more words

Mixing Anomaly

After spending the past couple months writing the soundtrack for the game,It’s finally finished and I can now move onto the mixing stage.During the writing process of the soundtrack i spent a lot of time shaping the sound the way I wanted it to sound like before actually recording anything,which in the end saved a great deal of time when I was mixing.Adding to that,I was also editing most of the foley that was recorded about a week ago. 486 more words

Mygreensquare project

This is my final project of year 1 and also my first project of year 2. Mygreensquares project

What is Mygreensquares

Mygreensquares is an organisation which mainly against to the deforestation. 123 more words

[DDM] Collaborative Play via Internet

Originally, my project will be used in a closed network (ex. building’s network) but this evening my brother give me a suggestion “what if you can use it over internet”. 78 more words