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Narrative Collage Final Draft

My inspiration for this design was from one of the sample narrative collages on the Com210 website. I saw the collage that was done where Tyler Braza was pictured with different elements about his hobbies and his life and it inspired me to create this collage about my personal belongings, so they could tell a story about who I am as a person. 398 more words


FMP Idea

For my FMP, basically my idea is about the relationship between natural thing and human beings. What I want to show is about reflecting the issue of making land commercially in China. 122 more words

*Final Project

Final Project // Ideas construction

At this point into the project I’ve lent more towards the technical aspects rather than the content which isn’t something I normally do but it has helped me in coming up with techniques I haven’t considered before such as using a liquid chroma key. 953 more words

chroma Keying

I have chosen a working title for my project which is called Liquid. This early on into the production, its important for me to start thinking along the lines of how this project is going to be represented and for me the title is very important in doing that. 538 more words

Things that is going to be Researched

1.2 sketchs one a key and peele one a SNL

i will look at what are the tropes of Sketchs

2. Looking at the history of sketch shows… 11 more words

Final Project

My Music Video for the Final Major Project

Tighten Up by The Black Keys (Zak Christie Cover) Music Video:

Location Recce for my Music Video

For my music video, it will be situated in and around Bradford College. This therefore made my location recce a lot easier and less time consuming seeing as I already know my way around the location. 1,239 more words