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Reflective Essay

We are now in the 21 century, the time of  technology and evolution. The world is nonstop development, and everyone is one their way to changing to reach a new goal. 829 more words

Final Project

Final Project: Language

The topic I am most interested in exploring is language as a form of identity and as a border. Throughout pieces of literature and in my own experience I have come to realize that the language we speak can create a division between several groups of people; however, we cannot simply abandon our native tongue because it is a part of what makes us unique, a reminder of our roots and culture. 110 more words

The FIFA Master Roller Coaster Week

How to produce the craziest week-long roller coaster possible in a Masters student’s life:

Step 1: make sure the 32 students in the course are from 26 different countries… 512 more words

FIFA Master

Research Question

For my Multimodal project, I want to focus on the impact of that boarders have on the people who they affect. I want to explore many of the boarders that are already around or ones that are in the process of being made. 110 more words

Final Project Proposal/Abstract

The topic of research that I would like to pursue pertains to one simple question: How do physical borders separate communities and define individuals? “Simple,” however, may not be the correct word to describe such a question. 237 more words

Editing the Video

We put together our video, including the interview, some pictures, and some background music. However, we still needed to add subtitles. Creating the subtitles and adding them to the video was a difficult task. 147 more words


Week 1: Reflective Writing Component of My Final Project Process and Progress

For my Choreography final project I don’t have exactly what I want to do yet, so really my project is mostly just ideas at the moment. 366 more words

Final Project