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Final Project: The Case for Graphic Novels

An exploration of why graphic novels are an exciting choice for content teachers, especially those teaching social education.

The Case for Graphic Novels in Social Education

Dev Diary: Week 6

Welcome to the week six round up of the Hangar 45 student project! Here you will see some of the progress I have made with this task on a weekly basis and see me talk about some of the challenges and (more importantly) solutions that I deal with. 305 more words


Google Sites Website Creation in G4 - Coetail Course 1 Final Project

Unit Planner

I started out writing this unit based on an idea I had for our Grade 4 Sharing the Planet unit. This is a unit that the Grade 4 team had always written a nonfiction report as their writing integration. 691 more words


Primary Research - Concept Evaluation

Research Objective

The primary goal of this research is to find out what the user’s expectations of a short film are and to use this information to further develop the project. 462 more words


Creative Choice: First Person View

In my game, the player will experience the world in the first person, as the character of the story.  The character will be an avatar for them to explore the game world with. 28 more words

Game Development