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Storyboards for Final Project

Storyboards for my Final project. Usually I DON’T draw storyboards while working on personal animation projects. I think storyboards are a must have when you’re working for a client or passing them to director, but when it’s a one man project. 20 more words


Final Opening Sequence Storyboard

As the part of my pre-production I created a storyboard for my upcoming movie “Circles On The Water”. A future like storyboard is very helpful in pre-production as it can show to the audience what my opening sequence will be about. 26 more words


Picking topics and finding sources

When selecting a topic for your website, pick something you care about and are willing to spend a semester researching. You cannot change your topic once it has been approved. 215 more words


Construction can begin!

So this week I have been working on creating assets and now have the core pieces to construct a test layout of the level. This includes all structural models for the ground floor and a few other models such as tables and chairs. 97 more words

Piezo and LED Practice

After researching around, I found another useful tutorial on piezo elements at the Arduino website (Arduino Knock Tutorial).  Since our class just learned how to make LEDs blink using the Arduino (Thanks Todd!), I modified the code just a little bit to incorporate both the piezo knock and LED blinking light. 157 more words

Final Project (Due on April 6, 2017)

You may choose any approved award winning filmmaker to examine for your final project (select any actress/actor, director, cinematographer, composer, screenwriter, special effect artist, etc.). 893 more words

Final Project

We were briefed on the final project on week 5. The project is to create a website based on a musician we chose. 278 more words