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One of our final projects was to create a phenakistoscope, a type of animation wheel. My animation has three levels of animation, with the most inward one being of two balls bouncing around an inclosed space, the middle one a cat popping its head up and down, and the outward one being the phases of the moon. 56 more words


Tired and Trying

Too tired. But hey- I’m getting things done.

My evening class I was barely functioning by the end. My instructor is no longer pressing me- I get it’s due to me not showcasing. 71 more words

UGA fights back against food insecurity on campus

College is a time to make new friends, take on new challenges and lay the groundwork for a successful adult life. For some students, all of this is overshadowed by a problem they can’t control. 682 more words


A gaze that spans 200 years

Entrance to the Jardin Turc, Louis-Léopold Boilly, 1812

Characters in the painting who return our gaze

Final Project

Missing persons, murder, oh my!

Before I begin working on my final project, I wanted to analyze two websites that work to achieve similar goals to myself. If you’re a bonafide true crime fanatic, these sites are probably familiar to you. 786 more words

Laymen's Summary

The laymen’s summary to my research proposal can be found here. In order for it so seem more appealing than a simple word document I formatted into a news letter of sorts. 13 more words

Final Project

The Finished Product!

The final draft of my project can be found here and the my reflection on the project can be found here.

Final Project