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Final Project Proposal (Witt Teem & Bryce Wiseman)

For our final project we would like to create a NeoPixel board that responds to commands from a MIDI keyboard, causing the board to light up.   70 more words

Final Project Proposal


At this point, I imagine that my collection of blog posts, in-class comments, and digital essays has indicated my feelings on digital media. On one hand, the magical benefits and #affordances media grant us are immeasurable. 261 more words


Week 10 List

List of hierarchical information elements that a view may be looking for at Crossfit 916:

  1. Gym’s location and hours
  2. Gym’s services
  3. Gym’s membership costs
  4. Class Schedules…
  5. 7 more words
Final Project

Final Project: Uuuuugh.

Ok, so Bluetooth is harder than anticipated. I don’t know why we thought it would be easy to just plug the Bluetooth module thingy into the appropriate places on the Arduino and BAM! 122 more words


Final Project: One Minute Film

Our one minute short film:


During the planning of our one minute filming, it took a while to find a date and time where everyone was available and able to attend and film the shoot therefore we had a few issues within the group at the start, something that will be improved and more organised for our final film shoot. 127 more words


Progress Report #9

Here is my PR for 3/20/17 – 3/24/17:

In class, we worked on our final project proposals. For me and Tori, our topic is about how to become an adult by learning the basics of becoming a productive citizen. 264 more words

Media And Messages

Collaborating on the Final Group Project

My group and I had discussed many possibilities when it came to the direction we would like to take in regards to our group project. 341 more words