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Ed Tech in Adult Ed

On this week’s episode of Ed Tech with Adam and Lance, we host Jamie Mayoh-Bauche who just so happens to be a long-time friend of mine from high school, and Adam just so happens to be married to Jamie’s sister. 462 more words


RABBI AHARON NOTIK: A Passion for Teaching (JOU 2930 Final Project)

I realized that I never shared my final project for the Photojournalism course I took last semester. As it is a valid piece of journalism, I thought I should catalog it here.


112 W Lewis Street Model Progress

The Revit model of 112 W Lewis Street is almost complete! A finalized version should be sent out to the class over the weekend so everyone may begin a more detailed study of the existing structure. 48 more words


JMC 305 Final Project Pitch

The local music scene in Downtown Phoenix has grown quite substantially over the last few years. There are small venues including Crescent Ballroom, Valley Bar and Pub Rock that have gained popularity and are able to provide local bands a place to play (besides a coffee shop, that is). 512 more words


Our debut!

For our EC&I 831 major learning project, Adam and I have decided to work together to design and implement a fun weekly podcast where we can discuss educational technology, strategies for the classroom, organization tools for already-always-busy teachers, and where we can invite fellow professionals to share insight and ideas with us and our audience. 530 more words


112 W Lewis Street: Concept Haiku & Precedents

I really enjoyed creating my own imagery for my concept haiku poster. With our site having such rich history, and many captivating photos, I knew a more personal touch was needed for this assignment. 123 more words