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The InfoNet (Final Effect)

The InfoNet was originally developed by Atlas military researchers to help share information across different research facilities. However, the modern InfoNet can trace its roots back to an argument between Professors Oerba Dia Vanille and Hope Estheim. 244 more words

HOT TAKE: The Bachelor, Arie

Yes, I too, am part of Bachelor Nation. My journey to deal with my own emotional shortcomings and watch other people find love began with Rachel’s season last year. 1,736 more words


The Farron Index of Glaring (Final Rose)

Although Professor Oerba Dia Vanille is most well known for her ground-breaking contributions to science, engineering, mathematics, archaeology, medicine, and linguistics, she also made great contributions to psychology. 392 more words

Fang and Vanille’s Kitchen Nightmare (Final Rose)

Fang and Vanile stared.

The kitchen burned.

“What did you do?” Vanille shrieked, jabbing one finger at Fang.

“Me?” Fang jabbed one finger back at Vanille.  478 more words

Outnumbered (Final Rose AU Snippet)

Averia thought she heard voices, several of them, coming from the room she shared with Diana. Curious as to whom her little sister had invited over, she peeked through the door. 290 more words

Super Spouse Combos (Final Rose)

In Final Rose, there are definitely Semblances that get stronger and more powerful when used with others. Here are a few of them, focusing on spouses who boost each other’s Semblances. 275 more words

Most Interesting Alternate Pairing In Final Rose

Setting aside the standard pairings in Final Rose, what are some AU pairings you’d like to see?