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It's the final countdown!

It’s just 9 days until I’m considered FULL TERM! WHAT THE?!

Total madness.

Here is a bump ‘ date for you:

× baby is back to back (hope she turns soon) 409 more words

34 Weeks

What? Like you never got distracted and totally ignored your blog for a while? At least I contemplated some of the greatest mysteries in life at 4 AM this morning, and if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. 425 more words


Air is free, so the breaths are deep

I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV, but I think BMW has dropped.
My unscientific reasoning?
Like, a lot-sies. Big, deep breaths, through my nose and everything. 32 more words


Baby Sophie Rose x Week 37

Dear Sophie,

If you were born now, you would be considered full term. You wouldn’t be done with growing (although looking at my bump, you’d think there wasn’t any space left for that!). 621 more words

Baby Sophie

19 days to go, but more excitingly

Whilst I now have only 19 days left until my EDD (which obviously can be completely wrong), I 100% definitely have less than 2 hours of work left to go! 391 more words

The Other Side

80 days... move over Phileas Fogg

What can you do in 80 days? The great Phileas Fogg might have saved a widowed Indian Princess from suttee, then fell in love and married her, get himself out of jail whilst travelling around the world (not in just a hot air balloon I may add) but he didn’t have… 385 more words


Two Thirds of the Way Across

I’m still waiting for my original blog to catch up before I release this blog and publish these posts so I’m trying not to write too much. 398 more words