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Don't Let Progressive Discipline Bind You

Most employers use only three choices when it comes to dealing with problem employees: oral warning, written warning (as in, “I’m writing you up!”) and firing. 609 more words


FINAL WARNING: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES [Full Documentary 2015]

Seho Song, Aug 2015

The Antichrist Obama and The False Prophet Pope Francis will bring biblical end of days according to bible prophecy. I have documented all the evidence and facts to prove that these two evil are working for their master Satan to bring one world order and one world religion. 302 more words


No further discipline for Swansea Ukip candidate who equated multiculturalism with terrorism

Ukip has announced that no action will be taken against a Swansea West candidate who blamed multicultural society for Islamic terrorist activities.

A leaflet distributed by MP candidate Martyn Ford this year read, “Islamic terror. 172 more words


Employee Disciplinary Warnings: Will Yours Hold Up?

Give employees written warnings before firing them for performance problems.  These warnings are your good friends.  They help convince an unemployment hearing officer your decision to discharge was for good cause. 315 more words


DHS insider gives final warning

Please note when this was posted and how relevant it remains. The cabal has been able to hold things off for a very long time, but that time is rapidly coming to an end. 1,587 more words


Final Warning

This is Skylar Grey. This is Final Warning. This is the song that has been on repeat for the last week or so.

(Also, Alona Tal is beautiful as always)