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Adding all scenes together for review

This is a very important step as it allows to see if there is anything that should be changed before completed.
As all assets are put together it has to be reviewed.

Final Year Project 2

Approach taken to design and development

hile there was an idea of what I want to do the difficulty was in choosing which software to choose for creating interactivity. Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects were already used for creating visuals, however I have to find the best solution for creating an actual game. 206 more words

Final Year Project 2

More inspiration

These are the designs that I recently found and that really inspire me.

Final Year Project 2

User testing

In order to understand if the product is completed successfully it requires to be tested. This game was developed and designed for children that are 2 years and over and that age category users should test it. 159 more words

Final Year Project 2

game for ad hoc

This was a very long process to upload game for ad hoc testing. Gamesalad does not have any updated tutorials with ad hoc so it was very difficult. 64 more words

Final Year Project 2

RINTIS Art Graduation Showcase 2014

Photos of RINTIS Art Graduation Showcase 2014 opening ceremony at Universiti Sains Malaysia on the 20th May 2014, at 9.30 a.m.


My Final Year Project Art exhibition during RINTIS 2014: 414 more words


Challenges and milestones

The biggest challenges of the game are learning how to create and develop a game in a new tool – Gamesalad. Gamesalad was never used and it does not contain enough tutorials available, this requires a careful studying and understands of coding. 76 more words

Final Year Project 2