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Final Year Project - Testers

So we had three testers come in and test out our FizzyFit website. Myself and Mikey told the users first of all to look around the website. 164 more words

CodeIgniter Final Year Project - Quiz

Because we havn’t got the time to create an interactive game we have to compramise and create a quiz instead. I looked at a number of php quiz template which i could use and i found one which was suitable. 127 more words

CodeIgniter Final Year Project - Login & Sign In

Today i managed to create a functioning login and sign up page for our website. I had to link up the sign up page to the database i had created in myphpadmin. 65 more words

CodeIgniter Final Year Project - Navigation

So Mikey has finished the CSS and styling of the html website, i now have started the process of the creating our website using CodeIgnitor. The first step took was I transferring all the css, images and java over to the CodeIgniter. 343 more words

Final Year Project About Us Page

The about us page again like the previous pages was just simple html text. For this page i briefly explained about myself and mikey and included pictures of us to brighten it up. 78 more words

Final Year Project Health Facts Page

With the health facts page i inserted all the text which i had previously researched for this page. The purpose of this page was to inform people who drink fizzy drinks the health problems that are caused. 32 more words

Final Year Project How To Play HTML

So myself and mikey wanted to use a container for all the content for our website. For this i created a jumbotron which is somewhat like a container. 60 more words