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In the last of her series, Gemma Hirst gives a round up of how the arts acts as therapy.

It has been one of the recurring themes in this series of articles where I have been looking at how the sectors within the arts industry- dance, art, drama, and music can act as a therapy for the artist and audience. 1,044 more words

Final Year Project

Final Year Project: Won! 3rd Prize in ME Cup 2017

Engineering – It’s been a ride. Finally, I am an engineer and well it’s time to share with you all, my final year project.

Ya, I am a bit late. 1,225 more words


FYP Introduction: ICT for Classrooms.

The Question:

Can ICT help create a more interactive and immersive learning environment within the classroom.

Good afternoon readers,

Welcome to my introduction for my final year project. 777 more words


Major Project Idea (Group Project For Next Semester)

A video that starts off with the person describing how they came up with the idea for the exhibit, and as they are talking the things they are saying are coming up around them in animated form, so that there’s this interesting visual to go along with what there saying, ideas springing up and going away, representing like this inner thought process around them. 171 more words

My FYP - The Beginning

Hello there, my dear readers. Today’s post is an introduction of sorts. What am I introducing you all too? Well, it’s simple. I’m introducing you to the big scary monster that is going to be living with me for the next eight months. 780 more words


Objective/Areas of Interest

My intent for my final year project is to create a human centered design that focuses on recovery through physical movement. Following medical issues such as strokes, patients may lose the ability to function as they did previously. 113 more words

Final Year Project

Final Year Project Plan

The issues that most concern me are illnesses and disabilities that result in a lower quality of life for those afflicted. People’s ability to live fulfilling lives and have positive feelings about themselves is my biggest concern. 178 more words

Final Year Project