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Bike Pin project: One Great Image

note: this image might change before the 5th of May.

4th Year

Tweaking Explorable and Packaging for Master Scene

One of the less sexy, but incredibly important parts of this whole process has been the pipeline between each of us as a team. From the beginning, we sat down and had a conversation about folder structure, file organisation, naming conventions and how to pass assets on to each other. 145 more words

Final Year Project

Flexible resin - testing

I decided to test the flexible resin we have available at the DJCAD Makespace and to print it in two forms:

  1. As a band that would wrap around the push button cover and seal it(a prototype of a splash proof device).
  2. 223 more words
4th Year

Bike Pin - assembly prototyping

As the push button cover is such a large part of the product, at first I was aiming to reduce the amount of parts to two: the main enclosure and the large push button cover. 349 more words

4th Year

Bike Pin - fixture

Handlebars come in variety of sizes, so the design of the product will have to be universal enough to fit all of the diameters. It will also have to be light and easy to install in case the user would like to take it on or off the bike at any time. 248 more words

4th Year