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‘you cannot afford to waste time.’ – Anis Atthirrah, 2017 UTeM’s undergraduate.

Hi everyone!

As much as everyone is getting busier, so do I. I had never know a degree student will have at least this much pressure. 683 more words


Easter Progress

It’s now the end of the three-week Easter break and final hand in is on the 5th of May so I’m in the final push to get the project finished. 208 more words


GPP – Week 11.3 – Typing

(This covers a selection of the work between 10/04/2017-16/04/2017)

The last major update I’ve had to make to my project is adding animation to the hands when typing. 478 more words

GPP – Week 11.2 – Cleaning Up

(This covers a selection of the work between 10/04/2017-16/04/2017)

From watching the video I made in the previous blog post, I made a series of notes on what needed to be updated. 393 more words

GPP - Week 11.1 - Hands and Hicups

(This covers a selection of the work between 10/04/2017-16/04/2017)

This week was spent between updating hand animation and body animation from feedback, or to remove any problems in the animation. 277 more words


Upon creation of a Django project, the first order of business was to ensure that the small testing server that ships with the framework, as well as the initial project itself, was in working order before pressing on with anything else. 724 more words



Initial prerequisites for developing ShelfLife:

  • Python 3, required for Django as the framework no longer supports Python 2. Installation depends on the OS, but most Ubuntu/Debian-based Linux distributions can install it via apt using the following command, should it be absent from one’s system: …
  • 479 more words