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The dreaded Final Year Project.

Don’t you hate when you’ve to make a big decision and you’re against the clock? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling the past few days (and weeks). 372 more words

Reflective Learning

FYP - Week 6 - Murals

For this week I’ve mainly focused on planning and trying out colour palettes for the main mesh of my scene, the Greek Temple . Because It’s not the final mesh I’m using in my project, all of the textures created were for testing out purposes only. 152 more words


FYP - Week 5 - Clothing

After the first pass of the statues has been done, I took the meshes separately into Marvelous Designer in order to create clothing for them. I have previously used this software so it was fairly straightforward to create garments using simple forms sewed together. 220 more words


FYP - Week 4 - Statues

In order to get the statues’ height and position right, I have exported the main elements of my scene to position easily in max. The base character models were easy to rig into the right position, for the highpoly version of them to be created later on. 161 more words


FYP - Week 3 - The Temple

For this week I have tested another texturing colour pallete for a dome that the player encounters on his path to the main temple.

Doing a pass on textures proved to be useful as after I have created the textures above I realized it reflects more of a Roman presence (because of the red tones) rather than a Greek one. 199 more words


FYP - Week 2 - Production

I have started off the Production stage by modelling assets off my Trello board. I’ve looked a bit more into custom shaders and particle effects for the waterfall in my scene. 309 more words


FYP - Week 1 - Planning

I have reserved the first week of my project to focus on planning and organizing so that the production work will be structured and straightforward. I’ve set up a Trello page to  keep a list of all task that are active and to easily mark off what has been done. 253 more words