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FYP – Week 13 – Waterfall, Ocean

This week I have created the main part of the waterfall and ocean shaders, and given that they start from the same base shader, it cut the production process a little. 188 more words


FYP – Week 12 – The throne room

For week 12 I have focused on creating the Poseidon inside of the temple, and its surroundings.

Garment creation ( Marvelous Designer – down)

Beard creation using base masked shape onto the mesh, extruding, adding curve multitube brush. 36 more words


Food consumption might be as environmentally adverse as food waste

The environmental costs of the food we throw away are widely known, but the impacts of the food we actually consume are not. The food we eat contributes to almost a third of the total… 1,887 more words


The textile industry: A grand scheme of corporate greed and environmental hazards

“We are fighting against the marketing machines of huge fashion companies. They make us feel like the clothes we wear are not good enough and that in order to be the person we want to be we need to keep shopping; almost like shirking the responsibility of it and blaming the consumer rather than taking responsibility of their actions and what they are perpetuating,” says Bryony Moore and Claire Davidson, both directors of… 1,868 more words


Fighting against plastic: UK towards a positive change

It has only been two months since the world saw alarming results regarding the plastic ‘plague’ which is rapidly growing at the expense of the natural world according to… 2,733 more words


Final-Year Boost Competition (II) Results

It would be natural to be disappointed by the number of submissions received for this contest, but I am impressed and encouraged by the quality of the projects so… 1,379 more words


Week 12 - Wrapping Up

In the final days of the project with the game being as ready as I could make it with the time remaining before submission, the last thing I sought to do was to create a short step-by-step guide of each of the game’s systems to be included with the artefact submission. 111 more words

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