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Website Photoshop Designs

This is the homepage of our web page which contains all the elements mentioned above. There is a description mentioning what the game is about just above the game itself which is playable on the homepage. 263 more words

Creative Multimedia

FYP Character Design

For the website design we needed to create 3 characters to help give the website the comic book look we needed. I will discuss the 3 characters in plenty of details however it’s worth noting that for the videogame itself more characters will need to be added. 325 more words

FYP Website Design

The website design in particular was influenced by a number of the websites mentioned above such as the cartoon network website and others. We decided on a ‘comic-book’ style and we based the colour design of the website based on the moodboard. 360 more words

FYP Wireframe & Personas

From the research we decided to go for a simple website layout. The website will consist of four pages in total, the home page, a health facts page, how to play page and about us. 77 more words

FYP Research

As part of our research and for inspiration for our own website we looked at a numerous number of children websites and games such as: 338 more words

Final Year Project

As part my final year project i decided to team up with Mikey. Together we are going to create an educational game for children about soft drinks and the health problems that sugary drinks cause. 1,220 more words

Getting Down with Card Sorting

Thought I would share some exploratory research from my final year project, HexaPlauqe, that I completed with Alex Hussey.

Our brief from the… 677 more words

Final Year Project