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Selecting a method of flow measurement for wastewater

There are a few types of flow measurement – including venturi meter, Parshall flume flow meter, etc. However, as my experiment will be a small scale lab experiment, doing a direct weight measurement will be better. 68 more words

Particle Separation

Dave Carson - A Designers Story

What really draws me to this piece is how passionate Carson is about design. He gives fantastic insights into the field and has great advice for people who are looking to get into the field. 49 more words

Final Year Project

Final Year Project Development - Week #2

This week I’ve been introduced to my other modules, so I haven’t had much time to focus on the project specification. I’ve had the chance to meet my supervisor, as well as discuss some queries regarding ethics and preferences with Digital Results. 67 more words

Final Year Project

Baffled channel and gravity settling as pretreatment

Settling velocity of particles are useful to get path trajectory as they settle through a channel. However, the idea for this pre-treatment option involves a baffled channel for mixing and subsequently a gravity settling inclined filter. 296 more words

Final Year Project

Final Year Project- Group Session

In this session the students were sharing their project ideas with each other. Everyone in the room did a small 2-3 minutes pitch about their practical web project. 45 more words


Final Year Project Development - Week #1

For my final year of Computer Science at Sheffield Hallam University, I have to take a module that requires me to research and develop a project related to IT. 326 more words

Final Year Project

Our First Creative Session

So yesterday we had our first creative session. It was a chance for us to pitch our initial ideas and talk about the area we would like to work in. 274 more words

Final Year Project