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The Defenders Recap: Who Emerged as the All-Stars of TV's Marvel Team-Up?

Did one of Netflix’s superhero series just come crashing to a halt?

Marvel’s The Defenders released all eight episodes on Friday morning, slowly but surely uniting Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand in a case to keep the ominous global organization known as The Hand from making New York the latest city to fall to its centuries-long whims. 1,308 more words


Teen Wolf Series Finale Date Set

Teen Wolf‘s final path is officially set — and it’s a surprisingly winding road.

MTV on Thursday released a complete schedule for the series’ remaining seven episodes 104 more words


Broadchurch Finale: Wobbly Rape Case Resolution Caps a Solid Final Season

Broadchurch wrapped its third and final season this Wednesday on BBC America, a full four months after the series did so “across the pond.” Were you, the Stateside viewer, able to avoid spoilers for the Axehampton rape case resolution? 462 more words


Stitchers Star Explains Season Finale's 'One-Two Punch' Ending: 'We're Closing the Door on Chapter One'

Cameron may have made it out of Monday’s Stitchers season finale relatively unscathed, but if the Freeform drama returns for a fourth season, he’s in for a world of pain. 939 more words


Shadowhunters Finale: EPs Break Down [Spoiler]'s 'Ferocious' Death, the Arrival of Season 3's Big Bad and More

Shadowhunters wrapped its second season on Monday with an epic battle, a heavenly sacrifice and a chilling taste of the darkness lurking just around the corner. 998 more words


Shadowhunters: Katherine McNamara Talks Jace and Clary's New Power, Warns of Season Finale Casualties

Filming Monday’s Shadowhunters season finale (Freeform, 8/7c) was a dream for star Katherine McNamara — even if the episode is basically one long nightmare for her character. 439 more words


Claws Recap: Who Didn't Survive the Wild Season Finale? (Grade It!)

It’s fitting that Claws‘ season finale started out in an amusement park, because hot damn, this thing was a roller coaster. (And not just for Roller.) 1,396 more words