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Like so many others, I was surprised at the announcement of changes to the superannuation regime just before the recent Federal election was called.  The regime has nuances and details, which many people do not fully understand, so any change is going to be hard to sell and will lessen “trust” in the system.   171 more words

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Rexit: A Conspiracy or a case of Self-Esteem?

Raghuram Rajan, the most celebrated central banker in the history of Reserve Bank of India has opted not to seek second term as governor of RBI. 570 more words

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Dan Murphy's "price beat" guarantee

Every time you see any publicity for Dan Murphy, you can’t help but notice their claim that they “beat” all prices advertised by their competitors.   Well….we had an Aldi brochure that clearly stated a slab of Stella would be $39.95 for a week.   299 more words

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Paying in advance

There’s always a risk, hopefully usually not a big one, when you pay for something before you get it.   Recently, purchasers of Dick Smith gift cards found this out… 228 more words

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There was a letter in the mail from a bank.    It was a “special offer” (yet again) for a credit card.  I don’t need another credit card, even though the offer was being made to me because “you’ve banked with us for the last years”. 89 more words

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Giving feedback

The time had come to replace the tyres on one of the cars, so I rang ahead and the price was OK.   Actually, when you think about it, the price of tyres for an “ordinary” car isn’t too bad given that they normally last for years and are such an important part of the car.   202 more words

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Optus (again)

I have a love/hate relationship with Optus.  Sometimes, they’re OK, but it can be annoying to deal with them.    Our household’s broadband deal is with them:  it’s been set up for a long time, and it provides what we need at what I believe is a satisfactory price.   269 more words

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