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Daintree Village

Our morning’s peace was disturbed by a helicopter picking up goods on its sling from just in front of our accommodation and transferring them a short distance off-shore.   242 more words


Eating in Port Douglas

One of the joys of Port Douglas is the range of places to eat.  True, there aren’t quite as many this year as there were last year, as at least two restaurants that seemed to be quite busy when we were here last year have gone to be replaced by vacant spaces and “For Lease” signs.  234 more words


Card fraud

It must have been a slow news day, because the page 1 headline in the Herald Sun made the point that there was some card fraud about.  378 more words

Consumer Issues

Another gym?

Obviously gyms are big business.    There are numerous gyms within a few minutes walking distance from where we are.

Yet, another one is coming….. 13 more words

Around Melbourne


C works overseas, in a Pacific country.   She lost her wallet, so had to arrange replacement cards.   For reasons that aren’t clear to me, these were sent to us (what happened to the representations that the bank would get a replacement card to you wherever you were?)   It then fell to me to arrange for them to be couriered to her. 132 more words

Finance And Business

Choice - and "free range" eggs

I still read Choice magazine, although sometimes its passion for causes leaves me a bit cool.   One such cause that Choice has come back to again and again in recent months ( 278 more words

Consumer Issues

Data matching

The Australian Taxation Office is pretty good at matching up the data it receives from various sources to individual taxpayers.  Well, so it ought to be, it’s not rocket science – most of the data they receive presumably comes with tax file numbers. 101 more words

Finance And Business