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Lock the Gate

We saw a few  “Lock the gate” signs when we were in the far southwest of Victoria for our walking trip.   Frankly, I think there’s a bit of mis-information out there, but I wonder if the gas industry is doing enough to promote its cause.  75 more words

Around Victoria

Medibank Private

Following a recent development in my arrangements for health cover, it was appropriate to change our long-standing Medibank Private policy so as to delete my coverage, leaving only S to be covered. 261 more words

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As a self-funded retiree, Australia’s banks are important to me:   directly and indirectly, a sizeable chunk of my superannuation is invested in their shares!    Yet it seems to be accepted wisdom that there have been cultural issues with them.   134 more words

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Valentines Day

14 February can’t pass unnoticed.  It’s hard not to know about it from displays in the shops and the media  that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Although the day has been commercialised, it apparently… 113 more words

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Contaminated petrol

I’ve never been affected by it, but Choice magazine has run a couple of articles about service stations selling contaminated fuel.  Generally, this comes about when the tanks at the servo site are contaminated, sometimes (but not only) by the presence of water. 116 more words

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The Share Purchase Plan

Santos are in the hunt for cash.   They’re not my favourite company at present, partly because they built one of the three new LNG plants at Gladstone which (it seems to me) are suffering from tight supplies of gas (with a consequent effect on the prices domestic users will pay).   173 more words

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A cashless society (3)

I really had intended to leave this topic alone, because I think I’ve done sufficient  posts on it for the time being (here, … 197 more words

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