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Banking - and the future

The banks seem to be copping it at the Royal Commission, and there have certainly been some fascinating revelations.   I wonder where this is going to lead in terms of recommendations? 504 more words

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When I was “growing up”, we’d never heard of an avocado.    I can remember when I was first introduced to them:  they were only available for a couple of months each year.    119 more words

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The challenge of change

I admit that I sometimes go to Chadstone, mainly for a catch-up coffee with R.    One or two of my friends say that haven’t been there for years (and in a way I can relate to that).   62 more words

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A new credit card?

A letter with a new credit card arrived from the bank.   I wasn’t expecting this, so I looked at it a bit more closely.  No, the existing card still had over 2 years before reaching its expiry date.  175 more words

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Bitcoin (again)

I admit that bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies generally) hold a fascination for me, mainly because I can’t get my mind around how they work.   Hence, because of this – and also because, frankly, I can’t see what’s in it for me! 326 more words

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The "New Payments Platform"

The banks in Australia have been working towards improving the inter-bank payment system.    The website is here.   Although there has been a little publicity (NAB were publicising it as far… 216 more words

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