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Aldi - and tax

So, Richard Goyder of Coles/Wesfarmers chooses to chuck a bit of dirt in the direction of Aldi in relation to the payment of tax – while admitting that he doesn’t have the facts to back it up!   238 more words

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The "artisans" market

I had a look around the “artisans” market at the town hall.  I think this is the first time that this particular market has been held here, but I see that a couple more will occur over the next few months. 108 more words

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Credit Cards

The banking sector has been in the spotlight over interest rates on credit cards.  And it does in fact seem that there’s a bit of an issue here.   211 more words

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The Netflix tax

We’ve all read reports (and here) about the proposed “Netflix tax”, which imposes an obligation on anyone overseas who supplies services (that is, anything except goods or real property) to an “Australian resident consumer” (and the supply is not otherwise GST-free)  to register for GST purposes and to pay GST. 407 more words

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Do I Really Need Life Insurance Plans?

How do we determine the amount of life insurance coverage that an individual client needs? This is a question that far too many Americans don’t have an answer for. 387 more words

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The Charities Commission - and regulatory creep

I see that, somehow, the existence of the Charities Commission is part of the battle against terrorism!

Somehow, I don’t “get it”.  Our local Church falls within the scope of the Charities Commission, and it’s has fallen my lot to lodge the “Annual Information Statement”.  261 more words

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Getting the car serviced (2)

Notwithstanding the “extension” of the service interval for the car, I thought I’d “transition” into the new arrangements (an interval of 9 months having elapsed since the last service). 220 more words

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