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Farewell Wotif

I’ve previously blogged (and here) about Australian-listed company Wotif being taken over by Expedia.  It seems that predictions that changes would be made to Wotif are being fulfilled, particularly in relation to the… 289 more words


Life Insurance Policy- To Safeguard The Life-Long Interests of Your Family

The prices of all types of commodities have been raising especially that of homes.

It is critical for us to find out the way out and we can at least take some preventive steps so that we can save finances in any way and secure our future because the rising prices may never come down and they may rise and fluctuate day by day and year by year. 417 more words

Life Insurance

The scam

I’ve been holding my fire on this issue, but now that it appears to have had a happy (for me) ending, it can be revealed that one of my bank accounts was nearly cleaned out. 428 more words

Around Melbourne

Reader's Digest

I hadn’t seen it for a while, so I thought it was no longer happening…but there in the letterbox was an “official” looking letter stating that we had been notified of a chance to win a large amount of money. 100 more words

Local Matters

Scottish Independence...and the oil price

I seem to recall that in the lead-up to the September referendum on whether Scotland should be independent from the rest of Britain, the pro-Scottish independence side stated that Scotland could afford to be independent because of North Sea oil revenue. 86 more words

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Dynamic currency conversion

“Oh, what a good idea” was my reaction the first time an overseas merchant offered me the opportunity to have my credit card transaction processed in Australian dollars. 288 more words


Aldi and PayWave

Earlier in the year, Aldi got Aldi got into a spot of bother about not fully disclosing a surcharge when Visa and MasterCard transactions occurred. Apparently verbally  informing customers of surcharge when a credit card was used was not enough (I certainly remember hearing them do this). 207 more words

Finance And Business