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The Share Purchase Plan

Santos are in the hunt for cash.   They’re not my favourite company at present, partly because they built one of the three new LNG plants at Gladstone which (it seems to me) are suffering from tight supplies of gas (with a consequent effect on the prices domestic users will pay).   173 more words

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A cashless society (3)

I really had intended to leave this topic alone, because I think I’ve done sufficient  posts on it for the time being (here, … 197 more words

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A cashless society (2)

Still on the subject of a cashless society, another aspect hit the media a couple of weeks back.   Citibank’s closure of cash-handling services prompted the comments.  134 more words

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Reducing the cash economy?

Robert Gottliebsen’s article in a recent edition of the Australian had what to my mind must be the most unique suggestion ever to reduce the role of the “ 254 more words

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Houses to Let

We recently had some involvement in the letting of a house.   The agent (a street-smart person well known to us)  considered that the asking rent was fair, perhaps just a little on the light side but not overly so.   181 more words

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Executive bonuses

It was obviously quiet on the news front, because the Australian‘s headline “broke” the news  that Deloitte and Medibank Private are instituting a survey to “measure employee wellbeing”.   161 more words

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Roadside assistance

I grit my teeth every time I pay an annual subscription to RACV for “roadside assistance”.    I can’t remember the last time I called on the RACV for help, but a family member who recently did so tells me that they took a long time to arrive and their estimates of timing were vague and  inaccurate.  111 more words

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