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First Masters, now Bunnings.....

It wasn’t so long ago that Woolworths walked away from massive losses as a result of their foray into the Masters home improvements stores in Australia.   230 more words

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"I was Poisoned"

Well, it’s a dramatic expression, but there’s a website in the USA that calls itself I was Poisoned.   It exists to “report” food poisoning, mainly in (but not limited to) restaurants. 227 more words

Consumer Issues

Lidl and Kaufland

Over the years there’s been talk of Lidl opening in Australia, as a competitor to Aldi.  But it was recently reported recently that German retail giant Kaufland are  “snooping around” in Australia (looking for sites and staff).   158 more words

Consumer Issues


The walk in Tuscany in 2016 was arranged by ATG Oxford, who I’d recommend.  A particular specialty of theirs is walking in Italy.   I still receive occasional newsletters from them primarily aimed at promoting their services.   215 more words


A good week at Westfield

Couldn’t help noticing that it’s been a good week for the Lowys.

First, Frank gets a knighthood from the Queen.  It’s a British award, and I guess it comes if you’ve developed two of the largest shopping complexes in London. 160 more words

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Choice at the ATM

The bank has been renovated, and along with the  ramps and “accessibility” features come new ATMs.   One of the machines had a sign on it to the effect that it “offered” a wider choice of denominations. 226 more words

Around Melbourne

Bank Competiton

So, ING have come out with an offer of “free” ATM fees on overseas transactions, and they’ll waive the 2.5% “currency conversion” fee, too.   All this is conditional, you have to deposit $1000 into the account every month and also (from March 2018) make at least five purchases on the card each month. 66 more words