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OPEN IN EXCEL is not opening the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations screen in Excel

I recently wanted to check if I could open the terms of payment screen from D365 F&O in excel. Idea being that I add some new terms in excel and then publish these additions from excel to D365. 96 more words

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Purchase order workflow in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations / Dynamics AX 2012

Good morning All, Today I want to cover another workflow here…Which 1 shall I pick? I recently had to build a PO workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance & operations and I will just go ahead to share my findings with you all on this workflow. 560 more words

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Expense report auto posting workflow in Dynamics 365 F&O / Dynamics AX 2012 - What it is? When to use? How to configure?

Good morning all, sure is a cloudy day outside…….would have preferred a warm & sunny day to recharge my batteries aka “the son of krypton” :) 369 more words

Dynamics AX 2012

Sales tax groups not showing from correct company in case of inter-company project expense report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations / Dynamics AX 2012

I was recently required to work on a project that belonged to a sister concern of my company and as part of this project i was required to visit the customer site which is in another country. 455 more words

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Difference between Fiscal Calendar and Ledger Calendar in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations / Dynamics AX 2012

Stumbled upon this question in the title line after seeing both menus one below the other in D365…

and along came the other questions:

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Invoice proposal at Project Contract level is not showing transactions for invoicing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and operations 

Recently I had wanted to run project invoicing from the Project Contract level as opposed to running it from project master level. The idea for me was to have a single invoice raised for 2 main projects under the same contract. 129 more words

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