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10 Olympian Traits to Master the Olympics of Your Financial Future

Do you have the skills it takes to be an Olympian? Before you say no, consider this: the Olympic mind set. If you understand the way an Olympic athlete’s mind works, you can apply those skills to any aspect of your life. 968 more words

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5 No Brainer Ways to Save Money

With the tough economy we are in, finding ways to save money is something we all should be doing. There are many ways to save money that we may have forgotten over time, and this article will help refresh your memory and remind you of the small yet effective ways to keep the… 687 more words

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How to Raise Your Credit Score

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to your credit score – a higher credit score is always better. Whether you need to repair a bad score or you just want to polish up your already high marks, a high credit score should always be your goal. 635 more words


John Kim of Syncis - Finance Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

John Kim is a hard-working financial professional who co-founded the independent marketing organization Syncis when he saw a need in the financial industry. The need that compelled him was the lack of organizations that cater to middle-income families. 240 more words


Summer Savings Tips That Can Help

Summer just started and it is a financially slow time of the year for many people since kids are out of school and families are traveling. 200 more words

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Top 3 Credit Cards With The Best Benefits

Credit cards bring a lot more to the table than convenience, rewards and financing capabilities. They also provide a host of unheralded ancillary services that, in many cases, are touted as major selling points or actually sold separately to consumers by various merchants. 264 more words

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Budgeting Basics (Part 1): Creating a Basic Budget

My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years now. We were basically babies when we first got married. I was still in college, David was just starting our ballroom dance business out, and we were both working part-time, minimum-wage jobs in-between everything else. 1,158 more words

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