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4 Post-College Finance Tips to Get You Started in the Real World

Landing your first job post-college is a big deal. You spent years studying your ass off, potentially accruing a crippling debt in the process, and now you have the chance to start paying it all back, and become a productive member of society.  537 more words


5 Tips on How to Talk to Your Significant Other About Money

Relationships can be tricky, but when you throw in money, they can get really complicated.

SunTrust had found money to be a huge stress with married couples, and about 35% said it was the leading topic they fought about. 912 more words


4 Reasons It’s Great to Be Coupled Up at Tax Time

Happy Valentine’s Day week to all of the lovebirds out there! Whether you’re enjoying a night out on the town or a movie night we want to give you even more reasons to celebrate with your loved one…you guessed it: tax benefits! 403 more words

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25 Tips for Repairing Your Credit Score — Fine Dining on Discourse

Decades ago, through no fault of my own, I suffered a major financial catastrophe. It took me years to repair my credit and get back on my feet.

38 more words
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Financial Tips For The 30's

After you cross your 20s, a lot of things change. You tend to become more serious about your finances and how they can affect your future. 539 more words


Why Buying a Home Just Got a Lot More Complicated

Buying a home has always been a difficult process. But this year the new tax rules, the stronger economy, and rising interest rates have made the home-buying decision even more complex. 995 more words

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4 Genius Steps To Make 2018 A Financial Winner

Counting calories isn’t the only way you can resolve to bring about positive change in your life during the new year. If you’re like many Americans, it may be a good time to start counting your way toward better financial health. 845 more words