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Modi govt's finance sector goals: Towards less cash and policy clarity

Bullish about the success of its ‘Digital India’ initiative, the government has already charted its Vision 2022 master plan

Clash Between Protesters and Soldiers Turns Deadly in Pakistan

At least three died in gunfire as demonstrators, led by two members of Parliament, protested military operations in a region near the Afghan border.. via NYT World… 20 more words

‘They Came to Kill.’ Almost 5 Die Daily at Hands of Rio Police.

Police operations left 558 Rio de Janeiro residents dead during the first four months of the year — the highest number since the state began keeping records 21 years ago.. 28 more words

‘Aladdin’ Gives Disney Another Live-Action Hit

The studio’s latest remake, with Will Smith as the blue genie, beat expectations at the box office over the holiday weekend.. via NYT Movies https://nyti.ms/2QlMgPO… 15 more words

The Show-Off of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Anthony Huxley of New York City Ballet performs an excerpt from George Balanchine’s magical and extremely funny ballet.. via NYT Arts https://nyti.ms/2Ez6hOm The Show-Off of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. 9 more words

The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Hijacked Our Attention. Just as Intended.

Social media is working as designed. That’s the problem.. via NYT Opinion https://nyti.ms/30KD5gO The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Hijacked Our Attention. Just as Intended.. help us by click on this link http://fc.lc/9Tcoi4

Craft Brewers Lighten Up and Take Aim at the ‘Sweaty Consumer’

Smaller breweries are responding to the demands of consumers more concerned with health and active lifestyles than they are with hops or high alcohol content.. via NYT Business… 22 more words