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Lifestyle: Reading Before Working

Recently, as I’ve become more and more serious about both business and entrepreneurship, I’ve found out how beneficial and motivating it is to sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and read with no distractions. 403 more words


Saving Money 🤑

Saving money is a challenge that we all face. This is something I still have a hard time doing myself so hopefully as I write this I start to take my own words into consideration. 870 more words

Certificate of Deposit(CDs)- Finance & Business

Certificates of Deposits are an investing option for people who are looking for another facet to add to their portfolio. I personally think stocks are a better option for investors, as long as you invest in very secure and historically stable companies, but certificate of deposits are liked by many. 369 more words


The New Age of Banking ft. ALLY

Banks have always been good for the average investor due to their growth over the past 10 years and is a very good choice for value investors in a volatile market. 699 more words

Current Issues


Google is a great place for customers to find your product or service.

However, Google Search Ads can be a bit trickier to understand than other ad platforms like social media. 133 more words


How to keep your retirement plans safe, even as the trade war unfolds

From the CNBC website

Retirement has been on your mind. You’ve been thinking about the right time to finally leave your job, and what the next chapter of your life will be like. 29 more words


Dirty Hands and A Blue Collar Budget

Who like’s hard work? I know I do. A lot of the aspects I like about being a fireman are the exact things that would deter certain people. 908 more words