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POST certification of deputy fire marshals: for the protection of the public or are ulterior (read: financial) motives at play?

Are State Fire Marshal deputies in violation of the law by wearing firearms while on duty?

That’s a fair question.

Many, if not most deputy fire marshals would prefer not to wear a weapon. 1,078 more words

Governor's Office

Them's fighting words

Anger isn’t a common emotion for me. Annoyed, yes, but actual anger is reserved for the rare occasion when it is warranted. When I say anger though, I’m actually talking about righteous indignation. 204 more words


Our yard is mostly dirt at the moment. Dirt covered by the shade of a tree, a layer of steer manure and peet moss, and some grass seed. 317 more words

Is Mayo Worth It? | Mayo Clinic pt 3

Over the last few days of hoping for a cancellation and not seeing a doctor, I’ve often wondered that. Is the Mayo Clinic REALLY worth all of this trouble? 1,009 more words

Chronic Illness

Dealing with Refinance Mortgage Rates and Other Ways to Handle Your Finances Wisely

When it comes to thinking about their future, safeguarding their interests and handling their finances to make sure that they have a nest egg and a safety net in case of the rainy days ahead in the future, people have different techniques and strategies because they have different priorities. 478 more words


More Money Mistakes: Not Having An Emergency Fund

BOSTON (CBS) – For the most part money mistakes are self-inflicted wounds!

According to the Economist, nearly half of American households said they could not cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing or selling something! 314 more words

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Chronic Illness and Money Pain: The Honest Truth About Coping with Lost Jobs, Less Income and a Tight Budget

Chronic illness hurts all over, and that can extend to your budget. It’s not polite to talk about money, and that can lead to a cone of silence around this difficult subject. 952 more words