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Varsity vs. competitive club: What are the costs?

Story by Emily Haws

Photo by Trevor Swann

Being a student can be tough—it comes with the never-ending challenge of trying to balance studies, finances, health, extracurricular activities, and some kind of social life. 1,101 more words


Trump & His Goal to Keep Jobs in America!

Throughout his campaign, one of his main key points was to increase economic growth through the creation of more jobs. His first course of action will be through making a deal with Carrier, a big air conditioning company. 91 more words

Renzi Referendum Frenzy – Storm in a Brittle Tea Cup

All eyes are riveted to the Italian referendum on constitutional reform due on Sunday 4th December.

The “no” vote is still ahead in the polls, even if the past 18 months should have taught us to be weary of polls’ predictive powers. 249 more words

Olivier Desbarres

Get Real About Your Finances

I think that this is in part a lecture to myself. It has been an insane year. I am sure I am not the only one feeling the rising cost of goods weighing on them? 758 more words


Nationalism, French presidential elections and the euro

The shock results of US presidential elections and UK referendum are shining the spotlight on the rise of nationalist and populist policies.
The rejection of the political, economic and social status-quo has lead to increasingly vocal predictions that populist and/or nationalist parties will cause major upsets at forthcoming elections in EU member states, including Italy and Austria. 253 more words


EM currencies, Fed, French elections and UK reflation “lite”

Rising US yields, stronger dollar, FX outflows from emerging markets into US equities, President Trump’s still uncertain policies regarding global trade and country-specific concerns continue to weigh on EM currencies. 337 more words


Can't Handle Today

It’s the first of the month.  Guess what that means?  Rent we can’t afford to pay because the other responsible adult’s pay is messed up.  That means a call from the landlord requesting this month’s rent and the month we were told we didn’t have to pay.   421 more words