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Step One.

So I finally did it. I took the first step in my goal to long term travel.  I’ve been contemplating it for so long and still so scared to even try.   884 more words

Planning and Questions

Last night I stayed up until 4 am planning, budgeting and trying to figure out how to build this house. If I will be able to afford to borrow more money, if I need more money. 385 more words

I'm back!

Omg I hadn’t realized it had been a year since my last post. A year too long!

So many things have happened this past year,  getting pregnant, starting my own business,  moving,  getting a new car,  and getting away from chemical products in and on the body as well as in the house.   42 more words


Lessons For A Richer Life

The basics of a richer life are simpler than they are assumed to be. The basic concepts require spending less and investing more from what is saved from the earnings. 293 more words


Millennials & Money

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force.  They are making a significant contribution to our economy.  According to experts, millennials are:


2016 Midyear Checkpoint

Well let’s just say that this year has not gone the way I thought it would go back in January when setting some personal goals.  I can’t say anything negative or bad has happened, but I haven’t really pushed forward with many of my fun, non-work related goals. 599 more words