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A Voice of Colorado No. 138 Version 5.0:

The living wage surcharge businesses, specifically restaurants, are now applying to bills will lead to bigger problems – a loss of customers, a loss of revenues, and cutting of hours for existing employees. 11 more words

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Military Retirement: Times are changing, and Advisors need to expand their knowledge


Last year, when my son-in-law transitioned from military service to civilian life with debt, at such a young age, I was challenged to ask myself, “ 508 more words

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5 Ways To Save

So lately Tyler and I have had a lot of financial discussions. Yes, they’re hard. Talking about your personal finances isn’t easy by any means. It’s a little awkward when you have to admit to your significant other your debts (student and other) even when it’s your personal debt. 376 more words


RBS is moving hundreds of jobs to India, workers and taxpayers lose out

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 73% owned by the government, is planning to cut over 400 jobs in the UK to India, “as part of an ongoing cost-cutting drive”. 69 more words


Financial Review of Week 25

Well, everything has gone a bit to hell recently.

We have stormed into the ‘over the over budget’ territory of the food/household shopping budget, and I have been getting by on not much more than hope. 146 more words

David Davis only "pretty sure" he will be able to get a free trade deal with the EU

On BBC One’s Andrew Marr show, David Davis claims the other EU states want a good deal with Britain, but says he will be willing to walk away if the UK is only offered a “punishment deal”. 85 more words

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Businesses prepare to "bare-knuckle fight" government over hard Brexit

Business has “come out more forcefully against a hard Brexit” since the general election, The Economist reports. Britain’s business lobbies are asking the government to put their concerns for business and the economy “at the heart” of the Brexit negotiations. 201 more words

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