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How to Afford Disneyland As A College Student

Spring break 2016.

Scott and I’s first big adventure together.

Now as you all know, Disneyland is by no means cheap. But, with a lot of planning, we were able to make it quite affordable. 696 more words

College Student

Examining Spending: Food

Here’s our first chart that breaks down where our money goes.

It looks like we spend between $350 and $600 per month on groceries. We spend between about $200 and $300 a month on eating out. 73 more words

Financial Independence

Retirement Charts

I’m excited to have figured out how much money I have in my 403B (similar to a 401K) and SURS (State University Retirement Systems) for retirement.

And in pie chart form:

Financial Independence

Money Affirmation: Infinite Riches: Joseph Murphy

“I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be rich, happy, and successful. Money flows to me freely, copiously, and endlessly.

29 more words
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Worth a Shot

As a new laptop or even a refurbished one is definitely out of the question with my current budget, I’m reaching out to those who follow me and continue to support all we do. 58 more words


Thieves Thieves Everywhere

So one topic I haven’t talked about yet, but should at least touch upon is the issue of corruption. In emerging markets such as India, corruption is present everywhere. 223 more words


I'm Going To Be Financially Dependent On My Fiance

I’ve been feeling this vague anxiety ever since I made the decision to come home.

But I didn’t reconcile the fear I’ve had about getting married and the fights I’ve been having with TM until just tonight. 901 more words