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Can technology solve our savings problems?

We are putting too large a trust in technology to manage our pensions.

The brave new world of Fintech may give us the pension dashboard, pot aggregation and robo-advised spending mechanisms, but are we ready for self-empowerment? 735 more words


Per C Furmark & The Mind Of An Abuser: Dissociation, Devaluation, Dehumanization.

Most abusers are men. Still, some are women.

To embark on our exploration of the abusive mind, we first need to agree on a taxonomy of abusive behaviors. 4,637 more words

Let's Agree On Risk

When a couple presents for financial planning advice, one of the first things I’ll ask them to do for me is a risk profile questionnaire. 589 more words


Confessions: Millennials and Career Apathy

I’ve recently discovered that I was part of what people are calling the “millennial problem”. FYI: if you were born between 1982 – 2002 you are a millennial. 1,095 more words


Compliance and the Stupidity Paradox

Panacea comment for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

13 Feb 2017

Compliance is an important part of the whole world of financial services and indeed many other worlds of business and governments. 617 more words

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Generate sales leads easily with a website


The most challenging part of sales has always been consistently finding qualified leads. Any sales professional today is familiar with all the traditional methods of… 322 more words



On guard against fraud

Fraud is a reality that we must constantly guard ourselves against. There are those who can be considered trusted advisors and there are those who will always be unscrupulous. 695 more words

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