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We're all going to die - so let's just talk about it here, then move on

That’s quite the dramatic headline, I know. But unless you’re a vampire like R-Patts, it’s true.

And if I said ‘hey girls, come over here and chat about life insurance for a moment’, you’d be about as excited as I was to watch three types of football this weekend (thanks to my brother). 861 more words


Financial Advisors

A financial adviser is one of the many jobs a finance major can obtain. Usually an adviser works for a bank or a financial firm or group. 285 more words

Is doing nothing worse than doing the wrong thing with money?

Sorry to my email subscribers – this link got broken. Here it is again. I am not really that profesh after all.  

I want to confess something. 1,425 more words


A note on transfer values and "reverse transfer risk".

James Greer of Old Mutual is reminding financial advisors that there’s a risk of advising clients to stay put and not take a DB Transfer Value. 680 more words


Thinking Passive Income?

So you are looking for a way to make extra income? Trying to save up for your retirement? Looking for other means to complement your salary? 497 more words

We’ve got to start thinking beyond our guns- those days are closing’ fast

When contemplating the future of the financial advice industry, I can’t help but be reminded of the late sixties movie The Wild Bunch. Set in 1913 Texas, the film follows an ageing gang of outlaws looking for one final score as the traditional American West disappears around them. 458 more words

Financial Services

Financial Angles

We met up with our long time financial adviser, and it was quite a surprise to hear about the changes to the financial system – insurances and savings are now completely separate. 526 more words