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NFLPA Financial Advisor Program: Effective or a Fiasco?

The NFLPA is the only players association to institute a financial adviser registration program. This may seem laudable at first glance, but the structure of the program is so fatally flawed that not having a program at all may arguably be less harmful to players. 348 more words

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Women And Superannuation: It’s Time For Some Serious Girl Power!

The Australian Taxation Office recently noted that women retire with significantly less superannuation than men.  It is therefore very important for women to take early and proactive action, as it is too late to be worrying about your superannuation when you are approaching retirement. 219 more words

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Is your financial adviser a hypocrite?

As a person who considers himself to be a “finance professional” I find myself frequently apalled/disgusted/disappointed that so few of my industry peers actually follow their own advice. 1,440 more words

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The Budget 2015

As soon as George Osborne finished his speech on Wednesday 18th March 2015, the race was on. Who would be the fastest, most accurate, extract the most information from his 1 hour long monologue on the economy? 362 more words

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The future of Asset Management

Asset management faces an uncertain future. The financial crisis caused a sea change in the industry that brought on new regulations and new perspectives of the industry. 344 more words

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If You Receive Financial Planning Advice, Mortgage Advice, Or Insurance Advice From A Business That Also Owns Or Has A Financial Interest In The Product, Are You Guaranteed The Best Deal?

We know from experience that it might be very convenient to receive a number of services from one organisation and to also use their products, but the reality is you may do much better by shopping around. 64 more words

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Financial Wealth vs financial Success, or is it the same thing?

Not quite, yet they are co-dependent. Many talk about it but very few understand it through practical application. What you need to understand is that these are very different schools of thinking. 874 more words

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