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Wells Fargo Education Financial Services 3-8-15

Kat Cortez talks with the President of Wells Fargo Education Financial Services, Sylvia Jones, about the best ways to pay for college. 6 more words


Avoid the College Debt Trap

Don’t let time slip by! The time to start planning for your child’s college education is now!

Just 1 minute and 17 seconds of your time will get you started on the path to planning for your child’s college education. 6 more words

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How to Select the Right College

This is a great question. Guidance counselors, US News and World Report Rankings; boyfriend/girlfriends; where you and your spouse attended college; and more are just a few of the sources your children will hear an opinion from. 412 more words

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When Do You Stop Paying For Your Children?

When do you stop paying for your children? Another way to ask the same question would be: Do you ever stop paying for your children? 685 more words

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Avoid Being a College Dropout Statistic With Proper Financial Planning

According to www.onlinecolleges.net, 48% of college dropouts said they did so because they couldn’t afford the cost.  This is an avoidable problem.  With proper planning, college can be affordable.   48 more words

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The Right Way to Cut College Costs

If your child is going to attend college, would you like to pay more than the other students family’s are spending for the same degree at the same school and taking the same classes? 205 more words

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Qualify for the Most Financial Aid Possible

In the February 26th Fox Business Personal Finance Q&A, “How to Save for College Without Hurting Your Children’s Aid OpportunitiesDave Ramsey’s answer to the question, “Should I reposition assets in order to qualify for more financial aid?” basically stated that the questioner should not try to take advantage of the system and should allow financial aid to go to more needy or “poor” people. 246 more words

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