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Some perspective on the college process

I thought I had a pretty good handle on the college application and financial process before this year. I’ve done applicant interviews for my university for I don’t know how many years, and I’ve kept up with changes to financial aid, scholarships and grants. 1,448 more words


Scholarship Saturday - June 27, 2015

There are thousands of scholarships out there. Some are large scholarships that are well publicized, while others are lesser known. My goal is to share some lesser-known scholarships with my readers every Saturday. 1,212 more words


Online scholarships are elusive, but worth looking for

College loan borrowers from this year’s graduating class will owe an average of $37,000 per student, the highest average in history. Combined, college students in the United States have built up $1.2 trillion in debt over the past several years. 43 more words


How much does a Bachelor's Degree cost in America? We'll start with your sanity and go from there.

Me: Finals are next week.

Me: I work 24 hours this weekend.

Me: I can’t miss work, I’m too broke.

Me: I really need to study or I have to retake this $1000 course. 439 more words


Should you default on your student loans?

Lee Siegel, New York writer and recipient of three Ivy League degrees, was roundly castigated after he proudly explained  “Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans” 631 more words

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Closure’ movie encourages families of martyrs

‘Published by Reagan Hoezee on June 23, 2015

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)
International (SAT-7/MNN) — Father’s Day is a time of celebration. But for some, it only means heartbreak–especially for relatives of martyred Christians. 341 more words

Good News

Be Still

I’ve written in previous blogs about my challenges with my beloved (but opinionated) FEI horse Rico and our journey to master (once and for all!) the correct and uphill flying change.  964 more words

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