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The Institute on Aging

This story just broke my heart.

William J. Hager, 86, said he had run out of options. His wife, Carolyn Hager, 78, had been ill for the last 15 of the more than 50 years they were married.

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Asking For Help

So I took the plunge. I have been living in a new city on my own with some savings. Those saving are running out. I have the rent paid for the months of May and June. 203 more words


Urban Solutions

I would like it to be understood, and increasingly understood as time passes, that all our human economic achievements have been done by ordinary people, not by exceptionally educated people, or by elites or by supernatural forces, for heaven’s sake. 315 more words


Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care?

It could happen to anyone with a pet: You’ve always managed to give your pet the medical care she deserves, but because of unexpected circumstances, you’re faced with vet expenses that are far beyond your ability to afford them.  71 more words


Red Cross distributes $30M to Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees in 1 day

Within 24 hours, the Canadian Red Cross has been able to distribute more than half of the $50 million it’s providing to Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees. 458 more words


Help a Mother Out

My mom’s a saint. The mother of three boys, strong willed in temperament, and married to another who could be described similarly. Like every family we went through our fair share of challenges but my mom was always the center point. 1,018 more words

Financial Assistance

Centro Legal De La Raza

In case you haven’t yet gone for that first margarita or seen Chad the intern show up in a sombrero, today is Cinco de Mayo. For the most part it’s another day for Americans to act stupid and probably a bit culturally insensitive (looking at you St. 177 more words

Financial Assistance