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Life is Getting Harder for Michael Cohen

An anonymous whistleblower from the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has revealed that important financial documents relating to Michael Cohen’s activities were removed from a federal database. 427 more words


SCAM Alert

According to recent reports there has been a new scam popping up locally which is having a profound effect on local businesses.

The scam typically will go something like this:  an unknown subject (scammer) calls to speak with an employee (manager or assistant manager) and convinces him or her that they are with corporate offices or are detectives of an investigating agency. 203 more words

Financial Crimes

Local businesses must beware of credit card scammers, say Windsor police

A recent increase in complaints about fake credit card numbers has prompted Windsor police to advise local businesses to beware.

According to investigators with the Financial Crimes Unit, the common factor in the complaints is that criminals are posing as customers and providing bad credit card information over the phone to get their hands on goods. 194 more words

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'Relative scam' taken to creepy lengths against LaSalle woman

LaSalle police say a local woman almost fell for the infamous ‘relative scam’ because the call came from what she thought was a trustworthy number — her son’s cellphone. 393 more words

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FBI raided the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

The FBI’s raid today of Michael Cohen’s office and residence was a big enough deal on its face that it’s sent shockwaves across the landscape. 370 more words


Windsor woman charged with mail theft, cheque fraud

A Windsor woman is facing an array of charges as the suspect in thefts from mailboxes, as well as the suspect in cheque fraud to the tune of thousands of dollars. 241 more words

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Scam Alert

Financial crime scams continue to hit our area. Recently the Wichita Falls Police Department has received reports in which victims have been contacted by someone stating they are with Apple and telling the victims that they have a virus on their device. 120 more words

Financial Crimes