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Featured Story: Big Banks Plead Guilty to Rigging World Currencies

Five of the world’s top banks have pleaded guilty to manipulating the prices of world currencies and interest rates, the most serious financial crime one can possibly commit. 353 more words

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Sex, Gambling and... Ice Cream?

People working for Department of Defense, both employees and contractors, have been found to be issuing Department issued credit cards to pay for gambling and “adult entertainment.” The Department spokesperson was quick to point out that that doesn’t mean the Department paid for the activity. 137 more words


New Policy Restricts Use of Asset Forfeiture in Structuring Offenses

Under the new policy, in the absence of criminal charges, judicially authorized warrants to seize bank accounts involved in structuring can only be obtained if the prosecutor first develops probable cause of additional federal criminal activity and that determination is approved by a supervisor.  72 more words

Financial Crimes

WFPD Participates in 50+ Zone Senior Fair

Officers from the Community Services Unit and Financial Crimes Unit joined Deputy Chief RW Smith and Susan Pacanowski of Adult Protective Services at 50+ Zone’s Senior Benefits Fair this morning. 14 more words


Deutsche Bank's Pleads Guilty, Pay $2.519 billion in Penalties & Disgorgement, for Manipulating LIBOR

read the full story on International Financial Law Prof Blog.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG (Deutsche Bank) has agreed to plead guilty to wire fraud for its role in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), a leading benchmark interest rate used in financial products and transactions around the world.  127 more words

Financial Crimes

Hydro phone scam is hitting Windsor, police warn

Be very careful if you get a phone call from a hydro company demanding payment — the person on the other end of the line could be a scammer. 292 more words


Holding Financial Institutions Accountable for Fraud

International Financial Law Prof Blog

Two recent cases show fraudsters have become more sophisticated.  It used to be that fraud schemes depended on the willingness of unwitting consumers to hand over their hard-earned savings in person or through the mail.  59 more words

Financial Crimes