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Manias, Panics and Crashes

Author: Charles P. Kindleberger, Robert Z. Aliber
Year: 2005
Pages: 365
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An emergency currency regime for Greece

With the agreement of the Eurogroup to accept the Greek reform proposals the latest crisis in the euro area seems averted – for the moment. Apparently, Greece had no other option than to give in and prolong its current bailout program as requested or leave the monetary union. 3,167 more words

Financial Crises

Greece from Postwar Orthodoxy to "Democratic Peronism"

The roots of the present Greek crisis lie in the political transformation of the country during the 1980s. (Disclaimer: Although this post is about Greek fiscal behaviour, I am… 2,894 more words

Political Economy


On financial crises: “It may be that the genus is like pretty women (in our culture): hard to define, but recognizable when encountered.” 

– Charles Kindleberger

Manias, Panics, and Crashes

Witty Drivel

Perspectives on the Greek challenge

These days, there is a flood of articles and comments of varying quality and importance on Greece and the eurozone. With the following quotes I would like to draw attention to a small selection of contributions which may be relevant beyond the day. 3,583 more words

Financial Crises

The Claims of "Capital". Foxall, Edward William. Sydney. 1895

Edward Foxall (1857-1926) profession was that of an accountant. In 1893 he was Secretary of “The Mutual Provident Land Investing and Building Society – Sydney; in liquidation. 30,851 more words

Edward Foxall