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Missing Gold, Unpayable Debts, Financial Crises, Bail-Outs and Bail-Ins… There Must Be a Better Way

Source: Deviant Investor, by Gary Christenson


The US congress bailed-out the banking sector, General Motors, and others with $700 Billion from TARP. The Federal Reserve added approximately $4 Trillion to their balance sheet with Quantitative Easing and other programs in their effort to bail-out the banking cartel since the 2008 crisis. 138 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

What’s the Likely Outcome of the Greek Financial Crisis?

The government of Greece is so deep in debt to foreign investors it could take decades to pay it off.  The debt is estimated to be about 180% of the nation’s GDP.  688 more words

Impact On Population

Don't Trust your Bank!

There was a time when your local bank manager was a respected member of the community and was trusted by everyone.  Has this reputation now been tarnished beyond repair and can you trust your bank manager (if you actually have one or actually know who they are) or even your bank anymore? 323 more words


Greece left in Ruins 

Greece faces a debt default within 48 hours after the government made clear it will not repay a €1.5bn loan to the IMF that expires tomorow. 130 more words


The Lesser of Two Evils

So the Syriza led Greek government has decided to hold a referendum on whether the austerity measures now proposed by the country’s creditors should be accepted. 532 more words


Greece: "There is no such thing as a good tax."

As I start to look forward to Souvlaki in the shadows of the Parthenon in a few weeks, I am wondering whether to heed travel warnings of taking enough cash to get me through the holiday or hope that I can put all those priceless gastric memories on Mastercard. 896 more words


Must-Read: Roger Farmer (2013): Animal Spirits, Financial Crises, and Persistent Unemployment

…to explain financial crises. The model has equilibria where asset prices are unbounded above. I argue that this is an important feature of any … 9 more words

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