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A panic, ‘a sudden fright without cause’ (from the god Pan, known for causing terror), may occur in the markets for securities and involve a rush from less liquid securities to money or government securities — in the belief that governments do not go bankrupt because they can always print more money.

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Five years after the global crisis, the world is no safer | East Asia Forum

15 November 2013

Author: Pradumna B. Rana, RSIS

The Asian financial crisis of 1997–98 led to calls for the reform of the international financial architecture. A large number of policies were proposed for crisis prevention and crisis resolution, but with the faster-than-expected recovery of the Asian countries, complacency set in and reforms were abandoned.  768 more words

Productivity Puzzle Solved: Central Banks, Again!

Productivity growth has dropped to alarmingly low levels. And not just in the US, where the figure has remained below 1% in recent years(!), but also in France and the UK. 500 more words


California Global Warming Lawsuit

California Counties are suing oil companies. 

Tony Heller has a youtube video up explaining what is happening.





Political Economy And Ethical Values

The Role of Household Misreporting on Mortgage Applications in the Financial Crisis

Misreporting of household income is an as-of-yet-understudied driver of the Financial Crisis. The basic argument is that some borrowers were able to obtain loans that they could not pay back, because they exaggerated their incomes on their loan applications. 379 more words


The bill for banks behaving badly since the financial crisis: $273 billion and counting

It’s a number that gives big bank execs nightmares. In the nine years since the global financial crisis, US and European investment banks have set aside $273 billion in provisions to pay for fines and other litigation related to bad behavior, … 380 more words