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NatWest paves way for introduction of negative interest rates

Patrick Collinson reports for The Guardian:

A major high street bank has paved the way for the introduction of negative interest rates for the first time in Britain by warning customers it may have to charge them to accept deposits. 143 more words


Alan Greenspan, were you wrong?

What happens when you leave financial institutions to regulate themselves? How much deregulation can be accepted? This is a debate that started with the subprime mortgage crisis in USA. 118 more words


An academic conference recently held by the Tsinghua PBC School of Finance featured some of China’s brightest academics presenting their latest research on various elements of the rapidly evolving Chinese financial system. 2,197 more words

Death to Kingpins

God’s Own Prohibitionists want the death sentence for enjoyable drug kingpins…

Just not THIS one.

“And for the drug kingpins: the death penalty.” These are the words of the president–not of some South American military junta–but of  the United States of America on September 5, 1989. 455 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The Sincerest Flattery

So The Don’s poledancer babe copied verbatim the Kenyan’s old lady’s speech? Welcome to reality, where entrenched political machines try “whutevah woiks” in an effort to secure “ 400 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

CEOs Meet in Secret Over the Sorry State of Public Companies

Andrew Ross Sorkin reports for The New York Times:

Warren E. Buffett quietly walked through the lobby of JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters on Park Avenue in Manhattan last summer and was ushered up to the 49th floor by a security guard, trying to avoid drawing too much attention. 189 more words


Rich Countries Often Fail to Bolster Well-Being, Boston Consulting Says

Josh Robinson reports for Bloomberg:

With economic growth trending downward globally, many of the world’s largest economies are not converting what growth they have left into an increase in well-being for their citizens, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group. 136 more words

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