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My latest book is out and, yes, this is the title…. and, yes, there are some lessons we have learned, even if some of us wouldn’t have waited so long… they were clear enough since the beginning. 660 more words

Financial Crisis

White Collar Crime and the Trump Administration

The Obama administration had a mixed record on white collar crime.  On one hand, it extracted $4 billion and a guilty plea from BP in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon spill.  1,628 more words

Financial Crisis

Federal Reserve Governor Discusses the Financial System and Future Changes

Thank you for inviting me to speak here today (April 20).1 I will begin by looking back at the global financial crisis and the great recession, which were arriving on the horizon at about this time 10 years ago. 1,394 more words

Finance & Economics

New Politics of Our Times and Post-Capitalist Futures

An earlier version of this essay was published in Outlook magazine

“The young students are not interested in establishing that neoliberalism works – they’re trying to understand where markets fail and what to do about it, with an understanding that the failures are pervasive.

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Author Fotini Tsalikoglou on Fairy Tales, Hope & the Crisis

Pierce ‘67 alumna Fotini Tsalikoglou, author, psychologist, and professor of Psychology at Panteion University, was recently interviewed on the newspaper Imerisia. In a poetic interview, Tsalikoglou explores the elusiveness of happiness and the effect that the financial crisis and the “national mourning” phenomenon has had on our relationship with our self and others. 199 more words


When Self-Help Books Don't Help

I believe in transparency, especially now with the various filters we put on our life via social feeds. And when it comes to the modern woman, we are the masters of putting on a happy face no matter what the circumstance. 991 more words

Modern Domestic Woman

Cataclysm, by Robert Gore

Collapse generally comes as a surprise, even to those who predict it.

The USSR didn’t just fail one day, as does a person who dies of a sudden heart attack or stroke. 1,197 more words