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My opinions on the 'Overdose: the next financial crisis' documentary

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis is a 2010 documentary by Journeyman Pictures which explores the 2008 financial crisis and looks at the possibilities of a future crisis. 376 more words


Denier is the new Juden

Ecological National Socialist candidate Albert Goracle, lost to G. Waffen Bush by three electoral votes in the Y2k election. Had voters in his home state of Tennessee backed his platform–ban electricity, continue asset forfeiture looting, jail hippies and blacks for plants–Gore’s party would have won by 16 electoral votes. 457 more words

Individual Rights

Ten years after the 2007-2008 global financial crisis - the human toll in the financial services sector

by Gregor Gall*

Ten years ago this summer, the first rumblings of the thunderclap of what would become the global storm of the great… 913 more words


Finland's sickly economy is shrinking again

There are a fair few countries with a claim to being called “the sick man of Europe,” but Finland continues to make its case. 198 more words

884 Never Suicide

Suicide is the result of

tension, worry, depression.

Which are generated by

financial crisis,diseases,

family quarrel,unplanned

and irregular life etc.

These can be reduced or… 164 more words


Vuelve la universidad gratuita a San Francisco

La Universidad Comunitaria de la ciudad se recupera de una crisis y abre sus puertas a los estudiantes con educación de calidad para convertirse en la primera universidad gratuita del país. 945 more words


Why Real Estate?

Ten years ago, this week, marks the beginning of the financial crisis aka The Great Recession. I was in grad school and beginning my internship with the Investment Advisory that I eventually began my career with. 261 more words