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The Argentine Economic Crisis (1998-2002)

The year 1998 was characterized by Argentina’s entry into what turned out to be a four-year-long depression in which the economy shrank by 28% (Saxton, 2003). 3,816 more words

Life among the restrictions

Thursday night was a little frustrating as I have explained in an article for PR Week. What has happened since then is even more anxiety inducing. 469 more words


Online businesses are mushrooming

Since Covid-19 hit the planet early this year, most businesses swiftly changed their business models from offline to online. The number of businesses which are born online every day is staggering. 69 more words


Entering The Lost Decade

The COVID-19 pandemic lock downs over the past few months have placed businesses across the planet under extreme financial pressure, forcing many of them to permanently close their doors. 157 more words

Consumer Chatter

Remember Dodd-Frank?

Does anyone remember the days around 2008?

The financial collapse….remember now?

Well after the collapse Congress did all they could to make things better for the society and spawned the rooks on Wall Street…..it was called Dodd-Frank. 391 more words


Covid-19 - Lockdown Recession.

We all know almostle everything about the most deadly virus of our generation covid 19. How it’s spread in our country and in world? But the main question is how do we stop it from spreading further? 1,095 more words

Facing Unpleasant Realities, Part 3: The United States is Bankrupt

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire; strangers devour your land in your presence; and it is desolate as overthrown by strangers. … 2,337 more words