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Fault Lines

January 20, 2019

by Steve Stofka

If your twin brother went away on a spaceship a month ago and looked at the current price level of the SP500, he wouldn’t see much change. 406 more words

Markets Will Continue to Encounter Lots of Fog

Published January 18, 2019

We find the folks at Schwab, led by Liz Ann Sonders, to provide a good overview of the intersection of markets and the economy. 2,045 more words

Weekly Update

Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions

FED Chairman Powell, who for a time was appearing to go rogue and stray off the beaten path of loose monetary policy paved by so many of his predecessors, has collapsed his resistance and utterly given in to the demands of the market. 147 more words


Jamaica: US$738 Million Corruption Cost - The Disease Eating Away Heart Of Jamaica

Jamaica continues to pay dearly for corruption, with an estimated five per cent of the gross domestic product lost each year to the practice, amounting to millions of dollars. 130 more words


Cash was King - Run for Cover

I believe holding cash is one of the biggest risks of our time. The global currencies are predominantly too dependent on the US Dollar which is backed by nothing but belief and confidence of investors since it was decoupled from the Gold Standard in 1971. 1,268 more words


Wall Street

White sleeves, ocean foam

Boys fight the tide towards greed –

Become the whale.

Conflicts of interest in retail

More than ever, companies need to build their businesses on trust

Most innovation is about adding something new to existing products, but one of the most interesting and important innovations of our time is the elimination of something – the elimination of conflicts of interests. 55 more words

Behavioral Economics