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Politics as She Is

Socialism as preached in the 1890s was supposed to bring utopia. Instead, beginning in 1919 it brought Communist dictatorships, mass starvation and the return of slavery. 591 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The new rule that could save the US from billions in bailouts

The US has taken another step out of the bailout business. And despite warnings from Wall Street, all is calm.

Well, unless you run a “prime” money market fund, which invests in assets other than the safest government bonds. 446 more words

MetLife Is Set for a Rematch with the Feds over 'Too Big to Fail'

The U.S. government and the country’s largest life insurer are set for a rematch in a U.S. appeals court on Monday over how federal regulators decide a company is “too big to fail,” one of the most significant reforms to come out of the financial crisis. 511 more words


Suppose they gave a war...

Suppose they gave a war on women’s rights and nobody came? The Republican party is trying to stage the experiment. Their platform shrieks for 6% of its 36,000-word platform in carpet-biting rage against pregnant women having the same rights as all other individuals.   564 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

Hedge Fund Managers Struggle to Master Their Miserable New World

Saijel Kishan reports for Bloomberg:

[…] It’s an existential crisis for former masters of the universe who once prided themselves on their trading prowess. Now they’re questioning their wisdom and their ability to generate profits that made them among the richest in finance. 150 more words

Financial Crisis

The Cross of Scold

The People’s Party got nearly 9% of the vote–six times the spread between winner and loser–in 1892. This frightened the Donkey and Elephant parties into making all individuals into beasts of burden under the income tax–a tax that was in neither of their platforms. 582 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values