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(What's Left of) Our Economy: America's Growth and Savings Dilemma in a Nutshell

An intriguing op-ed in USAToday provides a great opportunity to return to an important subject RealityChek has neglected a bit in recent weeks – the quality of America’s economic growth. 480 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Central Banks, Private Securities Purchases, and Nominal GDP Targeting

Central bank law is an unloved part of public law. Maybe that’s because commercial litigators cannot sue central banks, advise the people that sell bonds to them, or argue cases in front of the U.S. 1,746 more words

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Subprime auto bonds caught in vise of rising costs, bad loans

More Americans are falling behind on their car payments and that’s making it more expensive for subprime auto lenders to sell bundled loans. On average, AAA bond investors last year demanded insulation from the first 51 percent of losses on subprime-auto asset-backed securities, up more than seven basis points from 2016, according to Wells Fargo NA. 682 more words


Good economic times have clouded Larry Kudlow's vision about the bad

Larry Kudlow has a history of making poor calls when the economy looks to be hot. In late 2007, a time the National Bureau of Economic Research would later decide was the start of the recession, the cable-TV pundit argued that the “Bush Boom” was alive and well. 552 more words

Deglobalisation Series | Deglobalisation 2.0: Trump and Brexit are but symptoms by Peter A.G. van Bergeijk

We live in strange and usual times. Actually, this is what people always do. And all people always think that their era is unique. We seem to live in the times of Trumpism, Brexitism and deglobalisation. 849 more words

Where is the $50 trillion Lost in the Financial Crisis?

First Posted on September 19, 2012 by Solomon Appiah

In a CSPAN interview on January 27, 2009, Congressman Paul Kanjorski Chairman of the Capitol Markets Sub-committee told viewers of a 2008 electronic bank run reported by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to members of Congress in which the US economy was literally drained of… 217 more words