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Miss K Cams

Want to Skype or get rinsed on team viewer.

You need to send a gift card to:


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Financial Domination

Pig Of The Month

The Month of November award of top piggy goes to:

Posted on 30/11/15

Financial Domination

Hello Piggies...

You have found the BEAUTIFUL GODDESS MISS K…

and now you need to worship Me!

I want your cash and I WANT IT NOW!

MAKE IT MINE! 107 more words

Financial Domination

Calling Spade a Spade and Fake a fake..


This blog was started after the loss of a dear one who was blackmailed and abused to death for money by Deanna Letterman.

100s of requests were sent begging to take of the pictures and details from Deanna’s site. 98 more words

Moving on...

Of course.. he has begged…he has texted… he has called… over and over..

But dumped is dumped.  No second chances with Me.

I have no doubt he is crying himself to sleep without me… 59 more words


I'm delicously expensive.

I just dumped My lover.

Honestly, he couldn’t afford Me.

At first, I thought he had promise.  Some gifts, some attention.  That got him to, well, let’s just say “second base”. 87 more words