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Financial Domination

Financial Domination is quickly becoming a trending fetish on twitter and throughout the online fetish scene, but what is FinDom all about?

FinDom or Financial Domination is a unique fetish based around money, where the sub/slave gives copious amounts of cash (Tributes) & gifts to his or her Dom/Domme in exchange for… NOTHING! 382 more words


Cock control fun with Seattle Rick

So, as stated in my last post, I’m going to post some of my interactions with this fun new little pet I have.  After ordering a custom clip, he requested that I play around with his fapping habits and essentially exploit his weakness for my amusement and financial gain, because he knows he is a weak beta male who is better off under the control of an Alpha Female. 416 more words



I’ve been asked about TeamViewer a lot over the past year, mostly by “drive-by” subs looking for an immediate session to get off.  There are so many things in that scenario that just don’t work for me, but I’m ignoring all that and today will only tackle my personal usage of TeamViewer. 442 more words

But I Can't!

Just two weeks on from the budget being handed down, my boyfriend was struggling again.

His problem was a lack of control. He’d buy something off-budget here and there, a sandwich, or a muffin, and he’d compensate by gifting me some new trinket or DVD for my growing collection. 647 more words


Pay up piggies

This sketch isn’t inspired by any particular financial domme, just a fun wallet-rapping cutie.

I Find Your Offer Insulting


im begging you with all my heart

i want to go into debt for you

This is just one of the ridiculous requests I’ve gotten lately from broke or delusional boys. 577 more words

Taking Control

“I’m not good with money,” said my boyfriend. We’d been together for two years now, and with not insignificant reluctance on my part, had moved in together. 266 more words