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Many men who are apart of the online lifestyle have the wrong idea. It is amazing to me how often they will write me and talk about their wants and needs (understandable but they approach it wrong). 139 more words



Worshipping a Goddess starts on the inside first. As a servant/follower you must make up in your mind why you should serve this Goddess. Most Goddessses call out something within the submissive that is serving her. 140 more words



Throughout history Goddess worship has been an essential part of the human experience. Even in the Paleolithic era early humans realized the important role goddess had. 145 more words


I Don't Want You to Spoil Me

… because you have terrible taste and it’s a god-awful burden to open these ugly presents.

I know, I know. Young ladies like gifts and it’s very impressive when you buy them things. 245 more words

Welcome to the EXPOSURE!

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The measure up…

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Owned bitch

Owned bitch

Owned bitch

BBC challange

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Financial Domination