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But I Can't!

Just two weeks on from the budget being handed down, my boyfriend was struggling again.

His problem was a lack of control. He’d buy something off-budget here and there, a sandwich, or a muffin, and he’d compensate by gifting me some new trinket or DVD for my growing collection. 647 more words


Pay up piggies

This sketch isn’t inspired by any particular financial domme, just a fun wallet-rapping cutie.

I Find Your Offer Insulting


im begging you with all my heart

i want to go into debt for you

This is just one of the ridiculous requests I’ve gotten lately from broke or delusional boys. 577 more words

Taking Control

“I’m not good with money,” said my boyfriend. We’d been together for two years now, and with not insignificant reluctance on my part, had moved in together. 266 more words




Im getting a little carried away!

We have GoddessGreed.com, which is the old domain, with a new website I made, we have seductivesiren.com which goes to the same place, but I liked the domain name, we have freakdevotions.com where you freaks can post your devotions to ME, and now we have findomgoddess.co.uk which is My journal! 152 more words

Blogging Spree

I never intended to be like this. Truly. Growing up, I was the sweetest little girl, a bit withdrawn, even needy…

And then I made my first $100. 379 more words


Welcome, worms.

Mother of memories, mistress of mistresses,
O you, all my pleasure, O you, all my duty!
You’ll remember the sweetness of our caresses,
The peace of the fireside, the charm of the evenings. 58 more words