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Financial Literacy For Children at Every Age

Having basic financial skills is crucial as it helps our children navigate through life as an adult. Not only will they be able to plan ahead for the future, they will also be aware of the importance of keeping their spending within limits and make wise spending decisions. 1,095 more words

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Stock Market Crash Imminent Economic Collapse In 2017

Current stock market valuations are not sustainable. In 1929, 2000 and 2008, stock prices soared to absolutely absurd levels just before horrible stock market crashes with economic collapse.  325 more words

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5 MONEY Terms Every Savvy Woman Needs to Understand

Most women realize how dangerous it is to be not so financially savvy. However,  many feel that if they can’t even understand simple financial terminology, how can they possibly figure out what they need to do with their money? 519 more words

Lynette Barbieri

Putting the power of the Eight Wonder of the World to work for you!

By Frank Conway

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” 330 more words

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Book Review "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

I have to say, that there are a lot of things that interest me in life.  One of those is reading a book of interest and writing a quick review on it.   760 more words

Day 5, Week 17: What I Know Now (Two Cents on Stocks & Investing)

Service has always been a part of my family. It wasn’t something we talked about. It wasn’t tokenized; it wasn’t manufactured. It wasn’t even referred to as service. 944 more words



Fact : Mutual funds can be for the short term or for longer term based on one’s investment horizon and objective.

There are different types of mutual fund schemes – which invest in different types of securities – in equity as well as debt securities that are suitable for different investor needs. 161 more words

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