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Rethinking Financial Education

> Posted by Monique Cohen, Independent Advisor, and Founder of Microfinance Opportunities

When an Equity Bank client in Kenya was asked if she saw value in financial education, she replied without hesitation, “Yes, but I thought it was only for rich people.” Delighted with this ringing endorsement the interviewer never asked her what financial education meant for her. 1,286 more words

Center For Financial Inclusion

Choosing Debit Vs Credit at Checkout

I’m sure you’ve encountered the following question when swiping your debit card at a gas station or retail store:  “credit” or “debit?”  The question might better be phrased as “PIN or signature?” So what should you do? 379 more words


The Importance of Financial Literacy

We have heard of them: people who won the lottery but after a few months or years, they are back to where they came from – poverty, celebrities went from rags to riches then back to the rags again. 910 more words

Business Coaching

Going to college or in college? Save a lot of money by not making the three mistakes I made!

If you are like me you are in up to your neck in debt with all the loans you have taken out just to pay for college. 690 more words


Financial Literacy for Children

Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them”–Robert Kiyosaki

A child ripped up his allowance money because it wasn’t the amount he was promised by his mom… 618 more words


Small Steps to Health and Wealth - Expecting Obstacles and Preparing for Relapses

Today we’ll discuss the twenty-fourth Small Step to Health and Wealth – Expecting Obstacles and Preparing for Relapses.

Having shortcomings is a normal part of life – rarely do we get things perfect the first time we aim for a challenging goal. 565 more words