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Vulnerable Adults

I had an article published in the state bar journal this month about financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.  For those interested in reading it, click here.

Vulnerable Adults

Assisted Suicide Law Based on Lies

California Senate Bill SB 128, the “End of Life Option Act,” would legalize physician-assisted suicide in our state, supposedly on the grounds of compassion for the terminally ill. 399 more words

Elder Abuse

Whistleblower Speaks Out on Suspected Elder Abuse

As a 42-year veteran officer of New Hampshire’s Portsmouth police department, John Connors is serious about his duty to protect the community. And when his wealthy elderly neighbor Geraldine Webber, already in her nineties, began receiving frequent visits from fellow officer Aaron Goodwin in 2010, Connors sensed something was amiss. 512 more words

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse in Ethnic Communities

One of the major reasons why elder abuse is difficult to track is under-reporting: victims of abuse are reluctant to come forward out of fear, shame, or embarrassment. 338 more words

Elder Abuse

Is Elder Abuse Behind Harper Lee's New Book?

While Americans were delighted to hear of the upcoming release of famed writer Harper Lee’s long-shelved manuscript, there may be much more to the story… 393 more words

Elder Abuse

Study Suggests Some People Are More Vulnerable to Online Fraud Than Others

by Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

One of the recurring scams I hear about from older adults is the “Microsoft Scam.” How does it work? You receive a phone call telling you “this is Microsoft and we have detected a virus on your computer and we want to help you.” They ask for access to your computer. 436 more words

Scams And Fraudulent Business Practices

'Tis the Season for IRS Scams

Well, it’s that time of year again—tax season. And you can be sure that the world’s scam artists are on the job. According to a… 517 more words

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