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Universal Medicine Accountability vlogs - Esther talks about the UM business model

In this two part video series, Esther talks about the system of rewards and punishments that comprises Universal Medicine’s business model. In part one, she talks about profiting the deceptive bait and switch marketing, and how UM profits from generating fear and a therapy dependency. 52 more words

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What's Left, After You've Given Everything? Nov. 8 sermon by Carla J. Bailey

“I had learned something about how giving from emptiness was the very thing that made the widow fill up again.” Listen to Carla Bailey’s sermon, given on Nov. 20 more words


It would be difficult to find a more callous and calculating attorney

Yet another financial abuse case. Once again, one where the Deputy or Attorney would have benefited greatly from having one of my coffee mugs with “It’s not your Fucking Money” printed on it. 1,450 more words

Case Law

Managing Someone Else's Money

by Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

Last April, the New York Times published an story title “As Cognition Slips, Financial Skills are the First to Go.” The article states that several studies show the ability to handle simple math and financial matters are the first skills one loses with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 330 more words

Scams And Fraudulent Business Practices

The Bad Son

Our client “Opal,” a 72-year-old Boston resident, spent her entire life working hard as a cleaner in a local hospital, saving money each month until she could finally buy her own home about 20 years ago. 1,096 more words

Financial Exploitation

Sweetheart Scams Target Lonely Elderly via the Internet

by Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

Finding that perfect match online is something we hear about commercial after commercial. Young people are often very successful in meeting Mr. 454 more words

Scams And Fraudulent Business Practices

An In-Depth Look at Jamaican Lottery Scams

The Elder Abuse Prevention Project has represented numerous individuals who have been targeted by lottery scams. Scammers are skilled at coming across as genuine in their initial solicitations, but increasingly use threatening and coercive tactics to lead elders to continue sending money as the scam goes on. 81 more words

Financial Exploitation