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Target Reached and Lessons Learned.

25 August 2019.
Actually, that headline probably should be “lessons learned and still being learnt” as I can never stop adapting and assimilating to change. I will list some important ones I have discovered though: 513 more words

The Book that Triggered it all

If there is one book I would recommend regarding what is financial freedom and why to aim for it, it is Rich Dad Poor Dad… 219 more words

Financial Freedom

Paying Your Bills On Time!

Do you remember that age where parties began to be a “thing” back in middle school or early high school? Every weekend, there would be some sort of get-together. 810 more words

Financial Freedom

Financial Goals 2 0 1 9

Anyone who works an 8-5 job dreams about achieving financial freedom or at the least, financial stability. And while I’ve been lucky with a job that I enjoy (on most days) and pays enough to live comfortably, I am still actively thinking of how to maintain our lifestyle without the daily grind. 642 more words


5 Additional Income Streams for Freelancers

Freelancing: Increased Potential for Additional Income

Freelancing is one of the best ways to have control of your time. You no longer have to adhere to the traditional work hours, that is, the usual 8 to 5 or 9 to 6, that people are used to. 672 more words


Financial Freedom

For close to a decade I have been working to improve my credit score in order to become a homeowner – which I was able to accomplish last year. 233 more words


How much money do you need to retire? (4% rule)

Goodmorning everyone,

Today I’d like to go over one of the most vital steps that will begin to propel you towards financial freedom. Financial independence is a term that I toss around a lot and, at its most basic, FI is having enough money stored away or invested so that you now no longer have to do any type of mandatory work. 803 more words