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Who lied to you that there’s a future. When is that future self? One may ask. 363 more words

My Takeaways From 'The Rich Employee' By James Altucher


An entrepreneur is someone who has a job, but it’s a job he made up all by herself.

The Rich Employee is a book about about working for a business and also being an entrepreneur. 1,089 more words

Financial Freedom

3 Formulas of Starting a Successful Business

You want to start your business, but you are lacking in knowledge, you may not be from the business background, so you think I cannot do business, but today I am going to tell you such a golden statements after which There will be no need to worry about it, after today you will not need anyone to know how to start a business. 590 more words

Things to Consider Before Tapping into Your Home Equity

We all have projects around the house we could use a little extra cash for. Maybe it’s a new kitchen or replacing that rotten deck out back. 1,705 more words

Our Journey to Financial Freedom: Baby Step 2 - Pay Off All Debt aka the Debt Snowball!

Welcome to our Journey to Financial Freedom!

If you’re joining us on Baby Step 2, then please hop on over to Baby Step 1 for an introduction on how we came to our journey towards financial freedom. 1,722 more words


Where to Begin?

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How does one begin digging out of such enormous debt? Where do you even start? After graduation we had prestigious doctorate degrees and plenty of knowledge about pharmacokinetics and drug interactions, but were completely clueless about how to handle personal finance. 365 more words

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