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A 2013 Call for Financial Literacy

April is a busy month honoring as it does everything from the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide to autism, poetry, trees, and the earth, too. It is actually also a month devoted to financial literacy-an absolute must given the ongoing state of the American economy and the impact it’s having on all of our lives.Unfortunately, the federal government is the last place to look for an example of responsible money management. 1,041 more words

Money Management for Millennials

Financial literacy month has come and gone but that doesn’t mean the financial fight is over. I know I speak about personal finances but if I don’t who will? 38 more words


In the United States, Gender Gaps in Financial Literacy and Pay Persist

> Posted by Danielle Piskadlo, Manager, Investing in Inclusive Finance, CFI

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As we say goodbye to April, I reflect on the month that since 2004 has been recognized as… 743 more words

Center For Financial Inclusion

Money Matters: Lessons I Learned from Suze Orman

After my recent shopping spree at Target (thankfully, those are rare these days), and since it is financial literacy month, I thought a post about personal finance was in order. 604 more words


Money Smart Week

The entire month of April is Financial Literacy Month, but this week is also Money Smart Week. If personal finance is not something you usually give a lot of thought, now is a great time to build off tax season (and possibly a refund!) and to extend the spirit of spring cleaning to your bank accounts. 971 more words

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Greed: It’s never good

It’s April and in addition to Uncle Sam wanting a piece of our financial action, it is also Financial Literacy Month.

There is no shortage of ways to gain a financial education—high school, college and after grad classes, websites, investment tips, books, etc.—but year-after-year studies continue to show that most of us still have plenty to learn. 393 more words

On the Chopping Block

When it comes to eating healthy, there’s nothing in the rulebook that says you have to purchase pricey foods. Also, if you’re anything like me – and I’m not proud of it – I tend to dine out rather than make all the food I just bought. 572 more words