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PepsiCo Inc. Has Agreed To Buy South Africa’s Pioneer Foods Group Ltd. For $1.7 Billion

…Snack-and-beverage giant plans to use the purchase of South Africa’s Pioneer Foods to expand across the region… Pioneer Foods is one of South Africa’s largest producers and distributors of branded food and beverage products, and… 473 more words


Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day, by Tyler Durden

Might this be the snowball rolling down the hill that starts the global financial avalanche? From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

There is a reason James Simons’ RenTec is the world’s best performing hedge fund – it spots trends (even if they are glaringly obvious) well ahead of almost everyone else, and certainly long before the consensus. 325 more words


17 July 2019 (QQQ, NFLX)



Current Price: $193.00

Swing Targets:

  • Short : 191.20
  • Long: 195.00

Short term: Bearish Mid term: … 327 more words

Stock Market

U.S. Housing Starts Fall... Permits Hit Two-Year Low

StockMarketNews.Today — U.S. homebuilding fell for a second straight month in June and permits dropped to a two-year low, suggesting the housing market continued to struggle despite… 474 more words


When and where can you invest?

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”   -Warren Buffet

Investment in the stock markets is believed to be one of the best ways to build a portfolio and a retirement fund. 699 more words

Short Term Programmes

Congress courageously sticks US taxpayers with a $6 trillion liability, by Simon Black

It’s an odds on favorite bet that if Congress decides to “fix” the US’s looming pension problem, it will make that problem worse. From Simon Black at… 939 more words


What Looms Behind, by James Howard Kunstler

Are we running out of fuel and technology? From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a coherent pre-election debate about the mother-of-all-issues facing this republic, namely, that we can’t afford the living arrangements Americans think of as “normal” anymore. 775 more words