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Don't Let Inexperience Get in the Way of Success

The collision industry is a $30 billion market in the U.S. But not a single company accounts for even $1 billion in sales. There is a race to get to the $1 billion in sales mark. 884 more words


Hire a Manager and Fire Yourself

Many owners I interact with still run their business the same as the day they started. They are the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave. 733 more words


SAP ERPsim -- Business Analyst

Data analyst is the foundation of all the business activities. Decision makers need to read and interpret business data properly. As the business analyst, they need to know how to process raw data. 324 more words

Financial modeling - mövzuya giriş

Financial modeling Azərbaycan dilinə tərcümədə maliyyə modelləşdirməsi kimi tərcümə oluna bilər. Qəliz səslənsə də, mahiyyət olaraq – daxil etdiyimiz data əsasında müəyyən məna kəsb edən informasiyanın əldə edilməsi üçün qurulan modeli ifadə edir. 1,560 more words


What is this EBITDA thing?

EBIT…Huh? What the heck is that?

Say it out loud with me: Eeee – bit – dah.

One more time out loud.

EEEE – bit – daaaah. 423 more words


Who is Brad Mewes?

About Brad Mewes

Who I am

I am a lover of business, finance, and corporate strategy.  I have nearly two decades of experience in the collision industry. 529 more words


Simple spreadsheets for complex questions

Isn’t it hard to build a spreadsheet to analyze financial issues? Don’t you need to be a math whiz? Don’t you need to write complicated formulas into all those cells? 435 more words