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The value of time

If you study any formal course in finance it won’t be long before you are faced with the concept of “time value of money”.  What it means is that there is a cost to the delay in receiving money, and so we say that “a dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received in the future”. 681 more words


Tip Tuesday

Want to know how to make over a million dollars? Serious.

Read this guest blog. Written by a research analyst, writer and lover of financials, otherwise known as my husband, Nick Rokke. 860 more words

The Life I Live

Is it a Good idea to Invest in Residential Plots in India

One has surely heard the saying “Landlords grow rich in their sleep”. There is no greater saying to emphasise the need of having an investment in real estate… 579 more words

Investment Plans

Does a Life Insurance Policy Change with Changing Times?

One has heard the word insurance commonly used in English. So what does this word signify? When one uses the word insurance it means a backup mainly a support in difficult times. 609 more words

Investment Plans

How to use a Credit Card Wisely?

One has seen the latest smart phone or a laptop and the desire is to purchase it right now. Paucity of funds is a problem and one does not know what to do. 372 more words

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Investment Tips for Students

The transition from high school student to college student is a defining period of life, it can be confusing too because there are lot of difference in the roles and responsibilities of a high school student and a college student. 253 more words

Best Financial Planner

Free Financial Advisory for Personalized Wealth Management and Investments.

We have always looked for a Personal Wealth Manager who does not charge us expensively but instead Effectively Manages and Tracks our Finances, Monitors our Investments… 713 more words

Investment Plans