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Storm Financial. A Simplified Case Study Of What Went Wrong And Why Everyone Is Angry.

I was reminded yesterday that unless they’re in the financial sector or directly involved, most Australians don’t know what happened at Storm Financial. All they know is that whenever they hear the name mentioned in the news, it’s usually followed by a video clip of a person who looks very angry, very upset or both. 606 more words

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Entrepreneurs and Taxes (part 3 of 4)

Now I know that you all are going to freak out and you are going to say know why. But stay with me here there is more truth to this than anyone wants to admit or there are some people who are starting to admit one very important thing…. 46 more words

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Deciding whether or not to hire a financial planner can be an important financial decision in its own right. You have to weigh the cost of a financial planner against the potential benefit that they might provide. 106 more words

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Entrepreneurs and Taxes (part 2 of 4)

How can it be that there are people who don’t pay taxes? To me, there is something wrong here. There seems to be a different standard that applies to different people. 60 more words

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Entrepreneurs and Taxes (part 1 of 4)

Now if you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking about your taxes this serious of posts are going to mess with you greatly.

Did you know that there are some people who DON’T pay any taxes? 52 more words

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How to Get Good Financial Advisor in Portland Oregon

When you are going for a financial advisor you need to look for few things so that you may not get into wrong path which are like how often they go and meet the clients, get for the sample financials, how much do they charge, do they are certified financial planners, what are their designation and how many planners do they have, how many such clients they are dealing with, who is the concern person who will meet you, whether they have any branches. 423 more words

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Why Millennials Need Financial Advice

Around 1/10 Australians currently have a Financial Planner or regularly seek financial advice, of that, only a small portion are Millennials. So why aren’t more people, especially Millennials, seeking financial advice? 530 more words