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Financial Planning Styles

My oldest grandson has been beating me at chess lately.  You know you are getting older when the grandchildren are old enough to vote and they can beat you at chess. 470 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Surprise! Doom and Gloom Sells

Maybe you saw the alarming headline in the middle of the other stories on Yahoo! News, which told you that the U.S. dollar was about to collapse, as a result of H.R. 968 more words

Financial Planning

Tool to see if your information has been compromised (psst, it has!)

As part of our ongoing series on scams, we wanted to pass along this recent article by the New York Times. The article reports that half of Americans had their personal information hacked just last year. 31 more words


The “What” of Retirement Planning

Most working-age Americans focus on the “how” of retiring: how to maintain a decent standard of living today while saving enough money for retirement tomorrow, or how to play catch-up and cover their retirement savings shortfall. 492 more words


UBS Report: Millenials More Financially Savvy than Reputed

I had a conversation with a Stanford GSB classmate regarding differences in work ethics between, ahem, ‘our’ generation, and the Millenials who have been entering the workforce in the last few years.   278 more words

Promises and Their Value

Most financial tools are merely promises.

Many are treated as a certainty.  My bank promises to give my money back some day, possibly with a little interest added.  518 more words

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Oui, you can be Chris Froome

Well, this will likely be my last post with Tour de France references for quite a while. Interesting to note that at least a few of you are not that familiar with Le Tour – as we aficionados call it. 852 more words

Financial Planning