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Start Planning for 2015 Income Taxes Now: 5 Tips

Even if your 2014 refund hasn’t hit the mailbox yet, it’s time to get a jump on your 2015 taxes.

What does the phrase “tax planning” mean to you? 628 more words


Importance of long range planning

As a Financial director, one of your most important duties is to develop a long-range plan.This plan will be your organizations guide for navigating the future-and the one sure guarantee that it won’t be a rudderless ship adrift on the currents of change. 383 more words

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Future Predicted Yields

There is a Rob Carrick column in the May 23rd Globe & Mail.  You can see it here and you should do so.  As the title suggests it is a worthwhile and well documented discussion of projected investment returns.  614 more words

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Adulting 101: 7 Money Habits You Should Foster

Building sustainable money habits can be a pain. You’re always confronted with the allure of instant gratification, over and above all the responsibilities that being an adult brings with it. 414 more words

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It’s an Odd Time to be a Tax Professional

We like concrete rules. We look at the absolutes and tell you what the tax implications are for purchases, investments and major financial decisions. In 2014, however, we are entering uncharted territory with Obamacare and all the tax implications it leaves in its wake. 625 more words


Getting An Accountability Partner To Accelerate Your Success

I wanted to keep getting out of debt a very private journey for myself. I did not want my family and friends to know as I cared about what people thought and how they would judge me if they found out. 2,151 more words