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Millennials: Start Living

Feeling stressed or hopeless about the state of educational development that you’re living in? Recharge your ambition in this uplifting Huffington Post article advising Millennial students to focus on the brighter side during the dim, uncertain times: http://huff.to/XswG3E


Student Loan Debt - A Troubling Sign for the Economy

Why do young adults have less exposure to credit card, car and home loans? It’s a troubling sign for the economy but you guessed it – student debt. 12 more words

Student Debt

Student Loans - The Next Financial Crisis

There is growing evidence that student loans is the next financial crisis as the average graduates loan jumps to $27,000. Read this recent Forbes article for more on the subject: http://onforb.es/127wk6w

Financial Resources And Tips

College Degrees That Earn the Most Money

Deciding on a college major can be tricky and daunting, especially with the uneasy job market for college graduates. Want to find majors with the best return on investment? 16 more words

Higher Education

Online Courses Need Human Element to Educate

Online education courses are expanding and growing, but Douglas Rushkoff argues that the best way to make them more successful and effective is to have real human interaction and cater to human users. 13 more words


Colleges with the Lowest Student-Faculty Ratios

During college, it’s important to make time to visit your instructors. Office hours create opportunities for educational discussions that can enhance your learning experience. U.S. News & World Report offers a list of schools with the lowest student-to-faculty ratio. 6 more words


Is College Tuition Finally Shrinking?

Recently, more colleges have started to adapt to the weak economy by freezing tuition costs or resisting tuition hikes. Learn more about how colleges are shrinking tuition costs in this recent MSN article here.