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Women! Be financially aware, even if you are non-earning member
Financial freedom hidden in 10 questions


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Members of West Yorkshire Pension Fund demand more information about financial risks of climate change

Members of the West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF) have written to the fund to express concern that it is not providing enough information about how it manages the financial risks associated with climate change, including from investments in fossil fuel companies. 459 more words

China takes aggressive steps to fend off banking, financial risks

China took aggressive steps on Wednesday to head off signs of growing risks in its financial and banking system, unveiling detailed rules to curb an unruly peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector and intervening in its money markets. 849 more words

MyMoney Myway: Personal finance simplified

Personal finance is a very wide subject. Here I just want to simplify the basics, why we need to take care of our money, why the inflow and outflow of funds need to me managed. 8 more words

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Emergency Fund - Plan B at work when your Financial Plan A is at Risk!

Emergency Fund Plan B at work when your Plan A is at Risk!

It was middle of the month; Prakash was done with his loan EMIs, Car Insurance, son’s tuition fee, grocery shopping, and, like every month he could also save Rs. 590 more words

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What Brexit means for your investment portfolio

Today is not the day to look at your personal pension balance. You probably have less money than you did yesterday, and odds are the market will recover from the shock of the referendum. 891 more words