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SEC To Examine Retirement Advice

The SEC is starting a multi-year examination initiative on how broker-dealers and advisors ensure their clients are prepared for retirement.

the Securities and Exchange Commission examinations will evaluate issues such as whether registrants, advisers and broker-dealers are selecting the appropriate account for their client and whether they are performing due diligence on investment options. 50 more words


7 retirement-portfolio withdrawal mistakes to avoid

Some errors in retirement-portfolio planning fall into the category of minor infractions rather than major missteps. Did you downplay foreign stocks versus standard asset-allocation advice, or hold a bit more cash than you needed? 78 more words

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The Typical American Is Embarrassed by Their Retirement Savings. Should You Be, Too?

We all have things we’d rather not share with the world — private things that, whether they should or not, make us feel a bit embarrassed. 87 more words


How to Talk About Retirement With Your Partner

Do you know how much money your partner makes? According to the newly released Fidelity Investments 2015 Couples Retirement Study, which surveyed 1,051 couples, 43 percent of people couldn’t accurately say how much money their partner earns, and 1 in 10 guessed incorrectly by $25,000 or more. 96 more words


Congratulations on Graduating! Here's One More Lesson: Tips on Managing Your Student Debt

If you have student loan debt, you are not alone. It is estimated that about 40 million Americans (that’s four times the population of Sweden) currently hold some form of student loan debt. 406 more words


Why You Should be Reading Books

In a world of online gaming, hectic schedules and reality TV, it can be easy to forget the simple happiness one can obtain from curling up with a good book. 223 more words

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No Guarantor Loans

We know it’s very difficult to get a guarantor who could take responsibility for your loan, But don’t worry we could be your solution for loans against no guarantor without check credit score in UK. 6 more words

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