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Climate Change: Tipping Points

For the past few years, environmentalists have voiced concern that we’ve passed a tipping point of climate change. Even if we achieve drastic reductions in emissions, they fear, the current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may inexorably increase its temperature… 306 more words


TaskForce: Four key areas related to climate change and financial disclosures

Financial Stability Board and its working group, the Task Force, has published its recommendations for companies related to climate change and financial disclosures. This working group was established in December 2015  to set a voluntary, consistent disclosure for companies. 312 more words


"Carney’s CEO Club Gives $3.3 Trillion Muscle to Climate Fight"


Companies with a combined market value of more than $3.3 trillion — equivalent to all the goods and services produced annually by Germany — threw their weight behind Carney’s final report on climate change.


Race to the Top: The Case for the Financial Stability Board

Race to the Top: The Case for the Financial Stability Board. Peterson Institute for International Economics. Policy Brief 17-12. Nathan Sheets. April 2017

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has helped strengthen international financial regulatory standards, and as a result, the global economy—and hence the US economy—is more resilient and better able to support strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. 153 more words

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Shadow banking is now worth trillions, and we have no idea how risky that is for our financial system

The fast-growing financial intermediaries known as shadow banks have provided a valuable service over the past decade, filling gaps in what traditional banks offer with innovative products and platforms. 701 more words

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Latest IMF Statement On De-Risking

The Caribbean Response to the Withdrawal of Correspondent Banking

Conference on the Withdrawal of Correspondent Banking Relationships

IMF Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang

Antigua and Barbuda… 1,841 more words