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The Effects of Auto-Pilot

Let’s face it.  It’s hard to beat the market.  Those who can do so consistently are few and far between and get paid serious money.  Whereas investing in a fund that tracks the market– a so-called “passive” fund because there’s no active choosing of individual investments – is like being on auto-pilot; it’s easy and low cost. 911 more words

Look abroad! Global financial conditions and risks to domestic growth

Fernando Eguren-Martin and Andrej Sokol

What’s the
relationship between financial conditions and risks to growth in an economy?
And, in a world of highly integrated financial markets, to what extent are… 1,487 more words


Does competition help or hinder bank stability in the UK?

Sebastian de-Ramon, Bill Francis and Michael Straughan.

There is a debate in the regulatory and academic community about whether competition is good or bad for bank stability, particularly following the financial crisis (see Chapter 6 of the… 1,861 more words

Financial Stability

A question of interest: Is UK household debt unsustainable?

Lewis Kirkham and Stephen Burgess.

UK household debt is high relative to income. But is it “unsustainable”? Some commentators say “it is”; others say “ 1,712 more words



Side hustle.

Have you heard the term? I remember first hearing someone refer to their extra job as a side hustle a couple of years ago when it started popping up in blog posts. 680 more words

A balancing act: the case for macroprudential margin requirements

Cian O’Neill and Nicholas Vause.

Certain policy actions require a high level of precision to be successful. In a recent paper, we find that using margins on derivative trades as a macroprudential tool would require such precision. 1,575 more words

Financial Stability

5 Numbers You Need to Know

Let’s focus on the 5 most important numbers you need to understand to improve financial wellness. These numbers will help you decide where to make adjustments and how to prioritize your goals. 690 more words

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