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Money Matters: Refinancing Your Debt

By Nathaniel Sillin

Have you ever considered how lenders compare applicants? Typically, the lowest rate goes to those who have the highest likelihood of repaying the loan on time. 684 more words


'రుణ మాఫీ చెయ్యాల్సిందే'

కరువు మరియు నీటి సమస్యల దృష్ట్యా గత నెలలో తమిళనాడు రాష్ట్ర రైతులు కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వాన్ని ప్రశ్నించడానికి ఢిల్లీ లో నిరసనలు చేసిన విషయం విదితమే. అయితే అడిగిన దాని కన్నా చాలా తక్కువ సహాయానికి కేంద్రం అంగీకరించింది. అది న్యాయంగా లేదన్న రైతులు తమ పోరాటాన్ని కొనసాగిస్తూనే ఉన్నారు. ఇంతలో తమిళనాడు రాష్ట్ర హై కోర్ట్ తీసుకున్న నిర్ణయం తమిళ రైతులకు కాస్త ఊరటనిచ్చింది. 


College Student Support

We are incredibly excited that one of our college students, Mackenzie Hamilton, has been accepted by the IMB to participate in their Face2Face program in East Asia this summer. 125 more words


Students advocate for financial support

By Olivia Hart

Staff Writer

Higher education in the United States is known for being incredibly valuable, but also incredibly expensive. For many individuals and families across the country, these expenses are out of the question if additional scholarships and financial aid are not available. 533 more words

Simmons College

#TaxTipTuesday-When an elderly parent might qualify as your dependent

It’s not uncommon for adult children to help support their aging parents. If you’re in this position, you might qualify for the adult-dependent exemption. It allows eligible taxpayers to deduct up to $4,050 for each adult dependent claimed on their 2016 tax return. 324 more words


Laid-Off and Unemployed?

Second Career could help you get back in the workforce.

Get skills-training and financial support when you qualify for Second Career.

Apply for up to $28,000 for costs (e.g. 42 more words

Job Seeker