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The Future of Banking Is Now

Keith Gottschalk, Chief Operating Officer

It’s no secret: The pace of change in banking is speeding up. But where technology initially drove the changes leading to a better in-branch experience and more productive online activities, the application of that technology into easily downloadable apps for use on our phones and tablets has us crossing into a new frontier of convenience. 248 more words

Old Second Bank Aurora

Commerzbank’s Christian Hoppe nurtures emerging fintech talent in Euromoney

The evolution of next-generation technology for banking platforms is a vital component in modern financial services. But while many institutions either rely on in-house work or outsource to third-party providers, some, like Commerzbank, see the value in cultivating new technological talent by supporting the development of emerging players in the industry. 44 more words

Transaction Banking

FinTech Company Total Funding By Vintage Year

The following infographic summarizes FinTech companies’ total funding by the vintage year they were founded in. You could see that FinTech companies founded in 2011 and 2012 are in the lead by raising a total of $5.3 Billion funding up to date. 83 more words


Making Sense of the FinTech Startup Ecosystem

At this time, we are tracking 1,235 FinTech companies across 18 categories, with a combined funding amount of $21.2B. These are relatively new companies that either serve existing pieces of the financial system or develop alternatives to those pieces. 548 more words


iGTB’s Upps Srinivasan talks tech dilemmas in Euromoney

Upps Srinivasan, COO of iGTB, features in this year’s edition of Euromoney’s annual transaction banking report, discussing the difficult choice banks face with regards to allocating investment into technology. 142 more words


The extraordinary reinvention of Square

“What’s really going on at Square?”

“The company seems lost.”

“Can Square live up to the hype?”

These were all comments made to me over the last year by venture capitalists and people in the technology industry about Square, the Silicon Valley payments company founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. 1,224 more words


Are Investment Banks the New Late-Stage VCs?

The following infographic summarizes Morgan Stanley’s investments and exits to show the growing trend of investment banks becoming new late-stage VC’s. The infographic illustrates that, out of the 49 companies that Morgan Stanley invested in, 12 companies (24%) have gone public and 9 companies (18%) have been acquired. 66 more words