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Nihal Singh: the wordsmith wedded to the word till late in the evening

When you went for a walk or jog in New Delhi’s fabulous Lodhi Garden in the late evening, there was a sureshot way of checking if all was well with the world. 463 more words


Your language is showing!

The Financial Times, a newspaper formerly known for its boring objectivity, even in articles on the arts, is increasingly laden with sociological jargon and off-the-cuff snarky cliche.  333 more words

april updates: how i update myself

One of the questions that I’ve been asked is how I find the time to travel as frequently as I do and still engage in thoughtful debate and conversation. 1,657 more words


Ready or Not, China Is Becoming the Big Boy on the Block

My fav British economist-journalist Martin Wolf sums it up well in his most recent Financial Times op-ed titled “US-China rivalry will shape the 21st century.” 245 more words


Financial Times: Ο Λόρδος Μπάιρον είχε δίκιο -Τα γλυπτά του Παρθενώνα ανήκουν στην Αθήνα

«Είναι απολύτως προφανές ότι ο Λόρδος Μπάιρον είχε δίκιο και ότι τα γλυπτά του Παρθενώνα ανήκουν στην Αθήνα, ανεξάρτητα από τη συμφωνία που έκανε ο Λόρδος Έλγιν με τις τότε οθωμανικές αρχές στην Ελλάδα».


The Financial Times | Royston Carr Asset Management Says Crude attempts to end tough week on disruption concerns

The Financial Times // 09.04.2018 // Royston Carr Asset Management have commented on Crude oil as it ended U.S. trading on Friday at its best level in just over two ‎‎weeks, generally tethered to supply disruptions concerns. 178 more words

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Our presence in space is helping us manage climate change

Financial Times, 21 February 2018:

Robin Russell-Jones (Letters, February 16) is right to assert that solving
climate change will involve a variety of Earth-bound commitments. 145 more words