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Thank You, Financial Times! by Robert Gore

The Financial Times propels SLL to the big time!

You have to wonder why the Financial Times would bother sending a reporter to the Zero Hedge symposium… 466 more words

Media Training: Taking the Good with the Bad

Occasionally people ask me about favorite moments and famous faux pas that have occurred during media training workshops I’ve led. Here are some classics from the Barks Communications vault. 669 more words

Media Training

Grenfell Tower, June, 2017: a poem by Ben Okri

It was like a burnt matchbox in the sky.
It was black and long and burnt in the sky.
You saw it through the flowering stump of trees. 1,526 more words


Coking Coal Mine Plans to EXPORT 80% of coal produced

The following article appeared in the Financial Times on the 19th June.  The article aims to justify the Cumbrian coal mine by the statement that there is a “Global Demand” for Coking Coal.

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West Cumbrian Mining

One more story about the best real estate markets right now: Lisbon

And one more real estate story in Financial Times.

You know it al ready. The Lisbon Real Estate market is still very attractive for developers and private investors who wants to combine a pleasant life with savings/investments. 236 more words


The main difference between yes and no is that one is easy and the other hard.

Yes can be said by any old fool, while no requires character, commitment and courage.

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FT: Ethiopia’s mythical manufacturing boom: The sector shrinks in importance despite heavy Chinese investment

Ethiopia: “There’s been a brilliant PR campaign on its part to sell a story that does not really exist.”

‘Yet the data show that manufacturing now accounts for a smaller slice of Ethiopia’s economy than at almost any point since the early 1980s.In 2015, the sector accounted for just 4.1 per cent of Ethiopia’s gross value added, well below the peak of 7.8 per cent in 1997, according to data from the World Bank, as the second chart shows. 

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