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Burberry rejects multiple takeover offers from Coach Inc.

If the merger would have gone ahead, according to the Financial Times, the market capitalisation of the combined company would have been in excess of $20 billion. 138 more words


MBA Graduate Makes a Material Difference in Sustainable Fashion

Looking back, Megan McGill suspects she was always cut out for a career in the sustainable fashion industry — but she took a circuitous route. 1,190 more words


Japan Prepares for Nuclear War with North Korea

“The deeds of the Rock are perfect, for all His ways are just; a faithful God, without injustice He is righteous and upright. Destruction is not His; it is His children’s defect” …

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End Of Days

City of London Tries Terror To Stop a 'No' Victory in Italy

In what the daily Il Giornale called “an act of ‘financial terrorism,'” the City of London’s Financial Times yesterday warned (threatened) that “Up to eight of Italy’s troubled banks risk failing if Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses a constitutional referendum next weekend and ensuing market turbulence deters investors from recapitalizing them.” 188 more words


FT Admits NWO Gatekeepers Heading for “Marie Antoinette Moment”

Combined with the recent attempt to demonize any and all alternative media on the internet as “fake news” and/or “Russian propaganda,” there can be no doubt that the very out-of-touch political elite that Münchau is writing about are not just stumbling toward their Marie Antoinette moment, but pole-vaulting toward it. 827 more words

Economic Report

The Brick versus The Mortar

Fikayo Bamishingbin had had a long day at the office processing fund transfers on the basis interface. It was ten minutes to the hour of five and her blood began to boil. 614 more words