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Innovate or Acquire? That’s the Strategic Question

Many companies reach a point in their development where they have to make an important decision: Innovate themselves or acquire a competitor? Of course, it isn’t always an either/or decision. 307 more words

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Net Worth Tracking

I stumbled upon a article of someone discussing when they first realized that they crossed the million dollar mark. He listed his net worth which shows both an impressive and simple path to achieving the lofty goal: increase your income, reduce your expenses, save and invest the difference as much as you can. 160 more words

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I Got A Credit Score!

Remember my article “Seriously, No Credit Score?” Well. Guess who got a credit score?

This guy did!
Despite all of the suggestions and thoughts I had, I discovered that the process was a little bit harder than expected. 961 more words

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BehaviorGap: Internal Conversations to take care of ourselves.

Have you ever wondered how psychologists, and coaches keep themselves stable? They have stress like everyone else, they recognize their feelings, They take care of themselves like they take care of their clients, They don’t skip the boring daily steps, and they learn how to talk to themselves inside. 516 more words

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Financial AutoPilot: Why to Just Do It

When you have talked yourself into what you want, stop talking and begin saying it with your actions.

-Napoleon Hill

Ever heard of money scripts…

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Saving, not owning, up to yourself

One of my friends who is now a “gym-rat” was telling me about how his brother tagged along with him to invigorate his body with some work outs. 946 more words

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7 Recommended Free Online Financial Tools

Disciplining yourself to budget properly is really hard these days because of our various needs and wants. There are times that we go beyond budget due to unexpected events and uncontrollable attitude to buy something that we really want. 664 more words

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