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Two Tax Tips

Ok, let’s get something out in the open: doing your taxes sucks. 451 more words

Financial Tools

Be A Tortoise. How To Invest Your First $1,000

I was writing an article for recent college graduates about “dipping your toes in investing” and reminded me that, while the steps are conquerable, investing your first $1,000 takes some impetus and some knowledge. 689 more words


Cheap(est) Financial Info: Buy Books

There is a lot of reluctance among millennials to actually pay for financial planning. Yet, we still want the knowledge and the information that is going to make us successful. 463 more words

Financial Fun Facts

Warm up with coffee or financial websites - your choice! (Part 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Series)

We’ve got more technology and websites than ever before. That means our metaphorical toolbox is overflowing. But what tool to use? The web is sort of like a crayon box with lots of colors, but instead of 96 colors to choose from, there are millions! 304 more words

Financial Fun Facts

Needed: An "Academy Awards" for Cities

America needs a National Urban Policy Summit.

Kevyn Orr is an inspiring fellow.  And, as the Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit, overseeing the city’s… 410 more words

City & Town Level

Creating a Facilities Maintenance Department: Arlington Case Study

In Spring 2015, Arlington’s legislative body voted to approve the establishment of a new department to oversee Facilities Maintenance.  Ruth Bennett, Architect, was hired in August, 2015 to head the new department.   1,493 more words
City & Town Level

Antiquated Procurement Process Blocks Cities from Digital Age

From the perspective of a city trying to move operations into the digital age, software often seems overpriced, inflexible, and more complicated than flying a jet, with no clear measurable return on investment either in cost savings or improved service delivery.   2,033 more words

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