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These States Are the Happiest and Healthiest

Have you gone to the dentist in the past 12 months?

Your answer to that question is a key predictor of your health and livelihood, according to a… 349 more words

Free tax help for those who qualify

The United Way of King County provides free tax help for individuals and families making under $64,000 a year.

Tax season is upon us and King County would like to highlight… 181 more words


The Aging Brain and Decision Making

Regardless of age, we all have moments when we walk into a room and forget what we were looking for or start a sentence and forget what we were going to say. 323 more words


Good in concept, bad in practice

A picture says a thousand words. This is the often referred to example of why knowledge, by itself, is not very effective in behavior change. Evidence of the devastating impact of smoking on nurses is captured by the… 206 more words

Financial Well-being

Half the picture?

The problem with survey data is that it often times focus on a specific issue in absence of the full picture. I recently revisited Aon’s 2016 retirement and investment survey, summarized well in this… 174 more words

Quick Takes

Financial Well-Being Program

My Secure Advantage is a financial wellness program offered by King County to all employees. You get 90 days of the program at no cost to you. 44 more words


In the Blink of an Eye, She Was Gone

Several years ago, I asked a client, “If your wife died today, can you afford someone to help you take care of your three kids?” 248 more words