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Bitcoin: What is it good for?

Besides making early investors gobs of money.

Conceptually, it’s helpful to distinguish between a financial asset and a currency. An asset is an investment that is bought with the hope that it will accumulate value over time, like a stock or a bond. 546 more words


The Real Reason Our Wages Have Stagnated

Our Economy Is Optimized For Financialization

Labor’s share of the national income is in free fall as a direct result of the optimization of financialization. 630 more words


Saskia Sassen on extractive logics and geographies of expulsion

By Gustavo García López*

Saskia Sassen (Professor of Sociology, Columbia University) argues that the foundational transformation of capitalism since the 1980s is dominated by a speculative and extractive logic, characterized by “predatory formations” such as vulture funds making cities of ‘dead buildings’ and peripheries of expelled people. 1,545 more words


Alternative Financial Literacy tour, Winter 2018

We’re looking for hosts and supporters in the Midwest and North-East USA for the first of what will hopefully be a series of radical financial literacy tours. 114 more words


J is for Junk Economics - Michael Hudson on the Real News Network

This year I have been regularly posting excerpts from Michael Hudson’s new book J is for Junk Economics. Below is Part One of his interview with… 48 more words

Political Economy

Michael Hudson on Class Consciousness

Here is another extract from Michael Hudson‘s excellent J is for Junk Economics (p.57-8):

Class Consciousness: This term has been associated mainly with the working class, but the elites may have an even stronger feeling of solidarity as a cohesive class.

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Political Economy