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Pension Funds, Financialization, and Lacklustre Investment

In recent debates over the reform of national pension systems, and especially the shift from pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) financing of public pensions to pre-funded arrangements, the labour movement has repeatedly stressed an important point. 837 more words

Pensions And Retirement

'Debt that can't be paid, won't be'

The world’s peoples and governments, including us Americans, collectively owe more money than ever can be repaid.  How we got to this point and what it means are the topics of a book I finished reading last week,  718 more words

Economy And Business

ENTITLE workshop on 'Political ecologies of resource and rent extraction'.

This workshop will explore the changing political economy and ecology of resource extraction, interrogating the financialization of old and new commodities, and the changing politics of extraction, in agriculture and the mining sector, especially in Latin America. 211 more words


Financialization as state project

Financialization is a key feature of neoliberalism. It refers to the capturing impact of financial markets, institutions, actors, instruments and logics on the real economy, households and daily life. 342 more words


The passing scene - October 5, 2015

Parasites in the Body Economic: the Disasters of Neoliberalism, an interview of Michael Hudson, author of Kllling the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy, … 146 more words

The Passing Scene

Lehman Brothers collapsed, but the neoliberal tune keeps playing on

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Lehman Brothers disastrous collapse and the ‘official’ beginning of the global financial crisis. This is what Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince said in July 2007… 134 more words


Krippner, Greta R. 2011. Capitalizing on Crisis: The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance

In Capitalizing on Crisis, Greta Krippner makes a case for an existing trend of financialization, which she identifies by two traits:

  1. The increasing proportion by which the economy is ruled by FIRE industries, and…
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