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Michael Hudson on Quantitative Easing

Plenty of economists, investors and others have been wondering what will happen to financial markets and the real economy as monetary stimulus in the form of Quantitative Easing is wound down by central banks from the US to the Eurozone in the face of stronger growth. 834 more words


Finance, inequality, ecology - an interview with Steve Keen

A nice interview with post-Keynesian Professor Steve Keen, in which he discusses what are (or should be) some of the most important issues in modern economics. 41 more words


Essay on art crypts and cryptocurrencies in INC's Moneylab Reader 2

My essay “The Crypt of Art, the Decryption of Money, the Encrypted Common and
the Problem with Cryptocurrencies” has appeared in the Institute of Network Cultures… 364 more words


Blockchain Bits Of Destruction Hit Wall Street

This is Part 2/chapter 2 in The Blockchain Economy serialised book. For the index please go here.

A common refrain among Blockchainistas is “Blockchain is about a lot more than finance”. 2,262 more words


How The Individual Creates Value When Knowledge Is Almost Free

Educational Credentials Are Over-Supplied Yet Problem-Solving Skills Remain Scarce.

How do we create value in an economy that is increasingly dependent on knowledge? The answer is complicated by the reality that knowledge is increasingly digital and “unkownable” and therefore almost free. 612 more words

New Article on Financialization and the Pension System

My article “Financialisation and the Pension System: Lessons from the United States and the Netherlands” was recently published in the Journal of Modern European History (Vol. 234 more words


Finance as a response to environmental crises? Conference Day 1

November 29- 1 Dec

(You can read more about the conference here)

“A multivalent concern for all living things” (from Vera Ehrenstein’s paper titled: Geopolitics of carbon sinks or: the negotiation of REDD+) 1,388 more words

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