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Coming of Age in the Financialized Pokéconomy

In recognition of the Pokémon franchise with the release of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, I thought I’d share “Play: Coming of Age in the Speculative Pokéconomy,” a chapter from my 2014 book… 180 more words


Capitalism For Dummies

God knows, I’m no financial wizard. I took a course in “Money and Banking” while in college and did my term paper on “The Roman Monetary System” to avoid the final exam. 479 more words

Brexit: The Tectonic Plates

The Brexit referendum is nothing less than an earthquake. But when an earthquake happens, seismologists try to understand how and why the tectonic plates had been shifting, and the pressures that had been building to bring about the event.   2,623 more words

If Habitat III wants to uphold the right to housing, it needs to address financialization

This post was originally published on the Development Planning Unit blog on 11 May 2016.

At the start of April, a number of civil society groups, members of NGOs and activists from across Europe met in Barcelona for the European meeting of the… 1,240 more words


We're in the Eye of a Global Financial Hurricane, by Charles Hugh Smith

You can buy growth with debt for awhile, but then you have to pay it back. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

The only “growth” we’re experiencing are the financial cancers of systemic risk and financialization’s soaring wealth/income inequality. 490 more words


Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta: rush for mega-mergers puts food security at risk


Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta: rush for mega-mergers puts food security at risk
by Jennifer Clapp, theguardian.com
Recent deals in the global agrochemical and seed industry, driven by financial motivations, are a threat to farmers, prices and the environment… 645 more words

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