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Credit makes you free! Neoliberalism, politics of debt and the subjugation of the working poor

Under the rubric of ‘financial inclusion’, lending to the poor – in both the global North and global South – has become a highly lucrative and rapidly expanding industry since the 1990s. 256 more words


New Publication: What Can Money Do?

Lisa Adkins’ article, ‘What Can Money Do? Feminist Theory in Austere Times’ has been published in the special issue of Feminist Review on ‘The Politics of Austerity’ (2015) 109, 31–48. 213 more words


Shaping Dublin: a seminar series on the contemporary city

When: March/ April 2015

Where: Dunlop Oriel House, Corner of Fenian Street & Westland Row, Dublin 2. (map: http://bit.ly/1i7YapE)
What time: 7.30pm

During the ‘heyday’ of the Celtic Tiger, Dublin experienced speculative development in key areas like the Docklands; a housing bubble accompanied by dramatic increases in the cost of rent; and the increasing role of the private sector in the provision of social housing and waste services. 680 more words


Max-Planck and the not-so-lost cause...

I vowed to myself not to engage in non-academic writing in this blog, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this advertisement during my research for a methodogy. 270 more words

Social Value

James Montier has a good post over at GMO, The World’s Dumbest Idea, in which he tries to diagnose what has gone wrong with American capitalism. 781 more words


Here it begins...

Last September, I began my journey as an academic. I planned to keep a blog just to have myself writing on a more frequent basis. But classes came, and supervisory meetings passed, and now it has been nearly five months since I first stepped back into Manchester Business School as a PhD candidate. 339 more words

What is financialization? Marxism, Post-Keynesianism and Economic Sociology's complementary theorizing

The crisis of 2007–9 has cast fresh light on the ascendancy of finance in recent years, a process that is often described as financialization. The concept of financialisation has emerged within Marxist political economy in an effort to relate booming finance to poorly performing ‘real’ economy. 229 more words