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Pounded by the Pound

A strong pound has been a slow-burning catastrophe for Britain. A weak pound will help re-balance our economy and make independent Britain a success.

Your holiday and weekly shop will be more expensive this year. 1,034 more words


How bankers became the top exploiters of the economy - an interview with Michael Hudson

A great interview with Professor Michael Hudson, who is very much in the heterodox, non-mainstream camp of economists. The title says it all: how our economies are going in the wrong direction and some thoughts on how to put things right. Well worth a read.

Political Economy

The Crumbling American Superpower

By F. William Egdahl and cross-posted from New Eastern Outlook

The catastrophic events around the California Oroville Dam in recent weeks underscores a far more urgent problem. 545 more words

United States

Capitalist No More: The New American Economy

I attended a local forum group yesterday at my local library, the topic was “The Economy under a Trump Presidency.”  The panel consisted of three men of varying backgrounds, all from the area:  an economics professor, a former Tea Party member, and the county Democratic Chair.   393 more words

Financialization... and its Monsters

A few recent things:


Kicking away the (statistical) ladder - via Developing Economics blog

Developed countries often lecture developing and emerging countries on the appropriate policies and institutions necessary for economic success. This is done either bilaterally or through multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, OECD or European Union.

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