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Why Doing the 52-Week Challenge Will Not Work

It is a brand new year again, time to fool ourselves into doing a resolution, which in most cases, fail. One common entry in the resolution list is the habit of saving. 616 more words


Starting a life

Every day I think that I’m wasting my time and I that I have to do something but still I can’t do anything to prevent me from procrastination. 323 more words

12 Common Expenses of Owning a Car (and some tips to minimize)

Are you thinking of buying a car? Read this article and think again!

Note: I am warning you that some cases may or may not not be applicable to you cause I am writing this article based on my own experience. 1,220 more words


How To Be Penny Wise: Smart Money Tips (Second of a Series)

Need vs. Want

How do you distinguish between a need and a want?  Being able to spot the difference is a fundamental tenet in wise, smart spending. 715 more words