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Starting a life

Well, finally I’m doing it. I’ve started my first online blog. I guess it is a good way to revise all the stuff happened a day before to measure my activity. 349 more words

How To Be Penny Wise: Smart Money Tips (Second of a Series)

Need vs. Want

How do you distinguish between a need and a want?  Being able to spot the difference is a fundamental tenet in wise, smart spending. 715 more words

Puasa dan Keuangan Keluarga Kita

Dr. Murniati Mukhlisin, M.Acc Dosen Senior STEI Tazkia, Indonesia/Konsultan Sakinah Finance, UK Glasgow – Saat ini bulan Ramadan akan segera berakhir, semoga kita diberi kesempatan lagi untuk… 6 more words