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How we're visiting South America

Frankly, we’re making it up as we go. Which is terrifying and liberating and not exactly inside my comfort zone. But it makes sense, because this type of travel fits the culture much better than detailed planning, and we are learning to “go with the flow.” 312 more words



In the quiz I got 8/9 and am really happy about the results. I could of improved by learning all the definitions to the answers like surplus and deficit to make sure I understood what they meant. 16 more words


My Goals For Financials

By the end of Financials I would like to get a merit

I will use Manaaki Orewa and hand my work in on time, in high quality, I shall be respectful and listen at all times. 145 more words


Lake region and Volcan Osorno

Since we’re stuck in Puerto Montt, we’re trying to make the best of it. Several travelers we’ve met have mentioned that Chile’s lake region is beautiful, and we were promised that tours are very cheap here. 949 more words

South America

Financial goals

The first goal I have is to do good and get good grades

I would like to learn loads of things about financial stuffs

I would like to use money properly in the future… 47 more words


Aflac – Why I’ll ignore the JPY

This article was originally published on January 12, 2015.


There seem to be two Aflac camps these days: those who care about the JPY/USD exchange rate and those who do not. 222 more words


How I'm going to achieve me goal this year

I want to talk less during class time.

Do my best in all my work.

Complete the tasks in time.

Pay attention.

But mostly talk less in class.