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Fear of Funding

I have had some conversations lately about capital to help a business grow. The conversations have not gone well and I am trying to post here to help people be a bit more thoughtful as it relates to raising capital for their business. 582 more words

Gamers Unite: Freedom from the Financials!

While listening to some of my favourite gaming podcasts and playing Doom this weekend I found there was a moment where I had to pause the game and stop the podcast I was listening to. 424 more words


Day 114 - He Made Me A Fool

I have a big painful post coming about the financial side of the story: how he strapped me from everything, literally everything, I worked so hard for over the past eight years, so this one is more about how he is making me a fool now, during our separation. 554 more words

Nothing To See Here

As the market soars this morning, one may wish to take a moment of quiet contemplation and examine the Fed’s chart above. The red circle marks the so-called “Lehman moment” from the last bubble collapse. 23 more words


What Are They Thinking?

Well the market is closing today without substantial change again, having been brought back one more time, most likely by the HFT boyz.

Of course, they have been ably assisted in this mission by the dip buyers, and by the absence of any real selling. 220 more words


How I Afford It

As expected, I am writing this on my iPad overlooking happy families, kayakers, and overly romantic couples on the edges of Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua. |Paradise| With increasing regularity, I have been recieving Instagram comments, private messages and texts with the not-so-subtle, “so are you working out there or, what are you doing exactly? 786 more words


Lone Ranger

The past couple of months have been a real struggle in my life, elevating the Mom Struggle title of this blog to new heights. I’ve been unemployed since February and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in my adult life. 579 more words