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open spaces, open hearts, open minds

open spaces: we have many attractions in New Zealand that are all very beautiful and clean and not polluted or builded on.

open hearts: we are all very nice and welcoming people. 29 more words

Open Spaces, Open Hearts, Open MindsĀ 

Open hearts open minds and open spaces are all very important things about New Zealand and New Zealanders. Open minds is about all the new developments and thoughts New Zealanders have, open hearts says New Zealanders are friendly to all and welcoming to strangers and open spaces describes the New Zealand environment and land.


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Open spaces, Open hearts, Open minds
1. Open spaces creates the picture in your head that new zealand has lots of space and bush thats not covered by houses and buildings. 88 more words


Reflection on NZ video

Open spaces, Open hearts, Open minds:

I think that this little quote symbolises NZ in many ways, it shows other countries that NZ is full of open beautiful spaces and scenery as shown in the video, also it shows that our people are open heartened which means that we all have very loving hearts and as said in the video “where we treat strangers like friends”. 38 more words


Open spaces, open hearts, open minds

The video was a beautiful video that really captured New Zealand for all its glory. The part of the slogan that says open spaces is telling the viewers about New Zealands natrual forest and big farmlands that New Zealand uses to benefit itself and others. 78 more words


Open Spaces, Open Hearts, Open Minds.

I like the idea of thinking of New Zealand as a nation in this way. Our country is beautiful and involves open spaces, open hearts and open minds. 60 more words


New ZealandĀ 

Open spaces

Open hearts

Open minds

This symbolises us as a nation and it respresents that we are a welcoming open country. It represents New Zealand because we have a lot of forestry and bushes. 22 more words