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Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

If you’re like me, money isn’t exactly a strong suit. Actually, I could say I’m excellent at spending it, and not so much at saving it. 579 more words

Book Review

It’s Time to Think About Christmas...

We look at those Christmas Parties that actually make sense…

Actually – frankly speaking – there aren’t many. I would like to say that Christmas for all and everyone is a spirit of goodwill to all men, a time of renewal and friendship. 342 more words

People & Markets

Time for Digital Transformation. We look at the new Report from Logicalis.

NEW YORK, November 15, 2017 –

Just a year after we published our own assessment that the CIO remains the biggest barrier to corporate improvement, we have received the following from the Logicalis company. 451 more words


Unpacking Lyft’s projected financials

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Last Friday, Bloomberg reported a sheaf of Lyft’s financials that paint a reasonably-sharp picture of the ridesharing company’s past and expected business performance. 1,038 more words


2017 January – September Financial Report

Good Evening Everyone,

We are posting the 2017 January-September Financial Report with a spotlight on the September Balance Sheet. Our total assets as of September 30, 2017, are $58,131.13. 53 more words


Two Easy Pieces

Another excellent piece by Matt Tabibi – The Great College Loan Swindle.

The education industry as a whole is a con. In fact, since the mortgage business blew up in 2008, education and student debt is probably our reigning unexposed nation-wide scam.

176 more words

Is Brexit a Total Con? And can we Rise Up and be a Nation of Small Shopkeepers Again?

If so, we better get a move on… before we have no shops left that ordinary people can afford to shop in..

Apparently, Napoleon never said his ill-fated and probably correct remark above. 534 more words