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There I am.  Nose pressed against the window of a pastry shop in Paris.  It is a magnificent display of opulent, mouth watering goodies,  but what has caught my eye are miniature golden loaves… 198 more words


Why fining corporations does no good

For financiers, justice is just a check someone else has to write.

via The Atlantic.

Wall Street

Pistachio Financiers

The first time I ever made a financier (or ‘friand’ as they are commonly known) I didn’t think they’d be something to sing about.  Let me tell you: these deeply moist and moreish little cakes are the perfect size and texture to feel like a real treat, with such a light, delicate but flavoursome crumb.   289 more words


Week 98: Financiers

These little French cakes are an enigma. I couldn’t quite decide whether they are light or heavy. On the one hand, no egg yolks are added, maybe it an egg-white-only bake. 276 more words


What is summer without Ice cream? Part II

Here is the 3rd (and even 4th) batch of ice cream SWEETTABLESCAPES made last week as well as the perfect accompaniment to any frozen treat: Financiers! 723 more words

I'm Baking

Penny For Them

£     s     d

2    9    6

4    8    7

+ 5   6    4


£12  4s  5d


Memory escapes slightly but I think that’s the way we used to do it. 1,326 more words


Greece bailouts are just to keep banks fat and happy, while families suffer from ten consecutive cuts to their livelihoods

Billions for banks. Hardly a farthing for the families of Greece. The country continues to face impending feudalism to pacify a financial monarchy ruling Europe. 624 more words