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Financiers and a Festival of Food

Petite, full of flavour, and irresistibly tasty, Raspberry Financiers are a must try for those with a sweet tooth.

I made these delicate French cakes for the ‘A Taste of Europe’ Food Fair. 337 more words

French Raspberry Financiers (GF)

Hey everyone!

Finding out that I couldn’t eat gluten a few years ago was really hard for me because I have always LOVED baking. My mom and I went to buy a few gluten free recipe books and I started baking using gluten free ingredients. 182 more words


Almonds financiers


There’s a few recipes you can do when you have egg whites left over. I initially wanted to do ‘Ile flottante’ but I didn’t have more eggs to prepare a custard sauce so I thought the best was to do ‘financiers’ cake instead of the usually meringues o macarons. 203 more words

Financiers à la fleur d'oranger et framboises / Orange blossom and raspberries 'Financiers'

Bonjour à tous,

Vous connaissez certainement cette recette… cependant, ici je vous propose un format qui est différent… des financiers ! Les ingrédients restent les mêmes, excepté pour les framboises, puisque vous pouvez les ajouter à la fin, une fois que vos moules à financiers donc remplis à moitié de pâte, vous disposerez vos 2-3 framboises (je conseille 3 !!) sur la pâte avant de les recouvrir avec de la pâte à nouveau! 378 more words


Economics and Industry

The growth of industry brought about changes in society and the growth of industry. Before the Industrial Revolution wealthy landowners controlled most of the wealth & power in society but afterwards power and wealth became centered in industrialists, financiers, and bankers. 76 more words

Industrial Revolution

Heckuva Job, David! Is Flooding in Northern England Cameron’s Katrina?

British Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to cover the government’s tracks as disastrous flooding in the north of England makes a mockery of his claims to be taking responsibility for citizens’ safety. 1,030 more words

Political Analysis



There I am.  Nose pressed against the window of a pastry shop in Paris.  It is a magnificent display of opulent, mouth watering goodies,  but what has caught my eye are miniature golden loaves… 198 more words