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Did you hear about this one? Top 5 apps for a perfect road trip

The holidays come in all colors! There are those who choose to go to rest or to get inspired by nature, others prefer the beach to mitigate the heat and… 781 more words

Leisure With Friends

Making friends (when you're a bit of a nomad)

It dawned on me in April that it’s been a decade since I left Brisbane to start my accidental life as a global wanderer. It has been awesome living in London, Sydney and New York but the one thing I’ve always had difficulties with has been making new friends in these new cities. 965 more words

Living In New York

Choose the way you Wave - this is what our super Wavers tell us

Did you know that people have had more than 260 million of Wave sessions worldwide to interact with their friends, family and co-workers?

Technology is developing continuously new ways to connect with each other online, however, it’s good to have tools to use on daily basis, when we need to meet someone on the go in real life, too. 889 more words

Find Friends

Did you hear about this one? Top 5 apps to discover what’s up in your city and enjoy the free time

Sunny days are back and having a coffee or an ice cold beer with your friends is a perfect plan that costs almost nothing and keeps you smiling long after. 724 more words

Leisure With Friends

Way of life

Dealing with depression has become a way of life for me. I realized there must be many others out there like me, hence the blog now. 362 more words

Why Wave is way cooler than the rest?

Technology is evolving super fast, sometimes it’s even scary how fast, right? We use technology basically to make our lives easier. It’s amazing how almost all our daily life is resolved… 420 more words

Find Friends

Why Wave?

How many times a day do you need to know exactly where someone is? How many times you wished you both could see each others’ location? 399 more words

Find Friends