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find it

-find art under the bags of your eyes
-i think he’s trying to tell me i have bags under my eyes
-no, I’m telling you, reader



Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Even in a cigarette’s bin,
This freak creates a din,
What’s with Pokemon Go,
Hiding we do not know!


A Deeper Look

Rumi Koshino. Untitled 1, Untitled 2. Watercolor on paper. 2015

By Zachary Johnson

Studying art history in college, the question that arose in every class was, “At an exhibition, what do you look at first, the artwork or the text?” My answer was always the text. 1,016 more words

Been There

Raining here in Kentucky
Sun shining in my soul

Destiny Awaits

My Destiny

always escaping me,

funny thing is,

i’ve yet to see

My destiny

what lies ahead,

more struggle

or less joy

It can’t be both… 43 more words

Sometimes you get stuck in the mud
As long as the sun continues to shine,
who cares