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Raining here in Kentucky
Sun shining in my soul

Destiny Awaits

My Destiny

always escaping me,

funny thing is,

i’ve yet to see

My destiny

what lies ahead,

more struggle

or less joy

It can’t be both… 43 more words

Sometimes you get stuck in the mud
As long as the sun continues to shine,
who cares

Discover the Meaning...of Life

When my grandson, ‘Braylon Breeches’ was younger, he would come with the family for a visit. And, being a child at heart, I knew what he liked. 926 more words


Flex Gallery and the Work of Rachel McKay

By Zachary Johnson

In response to a lack of public art opportunities during winter, on January 11th, I launched Flex Gallery, a mobile public art space located on my left arm. 1,669 more words


My Matchbox...

Why does the brain perceives a subject as miniature if the background was blurred in a certain fashion like this one?

The truck is actually real, folks… It is not a matchbox.

In The City