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Law Of Attraction And Child Abuse

I find the law of attraction very interesting… BUT the experts in it say that whatever has happened in your life – good and bad – you have attracted it to yourself. 75 more words

Looking for Some Home Projects? Find Out What They Cost Here!

Planning home improvement projects can be a lot of fun. Actually doing them is another thing. In order to help you come up with ideas and their costs we found this article for you. 17 more words

Witness: Why are there still unreached?

We often think about going to the nations, but the nations continue to come to us. Sometimes they even live in our own neighborhoods. Whether it’s the Chinese student at a nearby college, the Sudanese family on your street that has immigrated to Canada for economic or safety reasons, or any number of scenarios, there are opportunities to reach the nations without boarding a plane. 96 more words

Three Easter Egg Steps (2015)

1. Boil.
2. Color.
3. Hide.
Children running around-
Till all eggs found.


Anyone selling these? + Easter Updates

Anyone selling these things? Comment below if you do, and state your price C:

//edit: thanks to mrgrnforever I was able to get most of these items for just 1500 gold//weeps. 137 more words

Expectations And Hope For Life

Do you find with PTSD that having expectations or hope for improvements is a challenge in that as soon as you find you desire a change, you begin to be fatalistic or fearful it won t happen? 69 more words