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Inconsistent Application of View Options in Finder Windows

The Finder > View menu shows four items of interest to us. Path Bar, Status Bar, Sidebar, Preview. When checked, two of these options are applied to… 182 more words

OS X (El Capitan)

Distinguishing Network Folders in Finder Tabs

There are five tabs open in this Finder window. Never mind the open Applications tab; look at the Desktop and Documents tabs. Can you tell which of the folders are from a networked Mac, and which from this Mac? 118 more words


Greyed-Out File Names

For some reason that I can’t replicate, file names sometimes appear in the Finder greyed-out.

Sometimes, closing and reopening the Finder window still shows the file names as grey. 14 more words

OS X (El Capitan)

ejecting some, all or just specified disks

We posted this one liner some time ago in response to the fact that you can’t actually get the Finder to eject all volumes on multiple drives at the same time. 163 more words


Pleural Mesothelioma | Mesothelioma Specialist Finder

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Mesothelioma Specialist Finder | Treatment and Mesothelioma Doctor Assistance

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Greyscale Finder Sidebar

A terrible usability decision was made with the introduction of the greyscale Finder sidebar. The folders in the sidebar are difficult to distinguish. If colour is so unimportant, why aren’t the applications in the Applications folder greyscale?  45 more words

OS X (El Capitan)